Hero Comments/Personality

This idea im suggesting won't affect the gameplay in any way: It's just a fun little thing that I think would be neat.

Hero Personality

-Throughout your adventures, heroes will make little comments (doesn't have to be audio, text would be fine)! Certain heroes could say certain things! This would be similar to when Hansuke or Kozar protect an enemy, except it would happen in more situations. Situations such as completing a dungeon, finding a treasure room, getting a debuff, an ally falling, taunting, etc.

-Also, in Dungeon Boss' home menu (The village where you get to see your heroes walk around,) Heroes can occasionally say random things on their mind, or occasionally interact with certain heroes. Heroes may bicker with their enemies, talk with allies, or say stuff with new acquaintances!

Random Examples

-When Stone Fist Taunts: "Graaah! Hit me!"

-When Hansuke sees an ally die: "I will avenge you..."

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  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Furnace saying cool robot commands like "Initiating..." or "Engaging enemy" or "Targeting systems online" would be really cool. When he Burns a foe with his basic attack he could say, "Target status: Roasted" or when an enemy tries to debuff him he could say, "Anti-Debuff Systems: Functioning"

    Another hero I'd be interested in having lines for would be Yasmin. When healing an ally at low health she could say stuff like, "Your arm isn't supposed to bend that way, right?" or "Ahh! Your face!... No, it looks fine!" or "Pretty sure your teeth shouldn't be falling out at your age."

    It would be a nice touch to give heroes a bit more personality besides their facial expressions and grunting noises.
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  • i'd like to see this idea implemented, too! i think it would be fun to see things happen like, for example:
    Ella trying to woo/flirt with another hero,
    Zurk trying to make a deal to get his claws on another hero's headgear,
    Valkin and Bramble exchanging taunts and ridiculous insults.

    things like that, maybe. I'd also like to see something with little animations, in which Zurk is sneaking up behind Icebloom or Krexx to steal their headgear, after which he runs away with the sound of a motorcycle or something.
    it's just an idea.
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