[Rune Crafting] stars decrease chances of rarity improvement

I'm looking for clarity on rune tuning odds.

On my first turn I crafted a greater 4-star heroic. I would of course dump as many gems as necessary to make this a legendary rune. I got 5-stars first but never made it past heroic rarity even after ~1250 gems

Do # of stars decrease chances of rarity bump? If so, this system sucks! Stars and rarity should be independent odds.

I'd rather wait for a superior rune dungeon than drop more gems on a rigged system.


  • A lot of players have long suspected this, but the blues keep saying otherwise. My advice is to stop tuning once you hit 5 stars. It's not impossible to get legendary, but you're better off trying again with a new rune (especially with how common mats are now).
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