The Problem With Nerfing Matsuta Kira - A Different View

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With Matsuta Kira being practically being the face of PvP, and all the uproar over the past month on the forums about him, I wanted to take a different view about Matsuta. Nothing against anyone on the forums, of course. I just think we're going about this all wrong. I want to take a moment to step back, look at Matsuta from a different angle, and gather your opinions on how to go about fixing this little ninja of light.

First off, what is Matsuta?
Matsuta Kira is...
Fast. He attacks first. This means, if he's the first in line on a PvP defense, you're going to have to endure his first attack. No questions.
A Light hero. He deals more damage to Dark heroes, and takes more damage from Dark heroes.
An Undead killer. He deals a whopping x3 damage to Undead heroes, making almost all Undead raids against MK teams unreliable.
Very powerful. Because Runes are additive and not multiplicative (As in, they grant flat stats, and not percent bonuses like heroes' passives), MK can have an astonishing base Attack stat, reaching well over 4,000 if you've got the right runes.
Bulky. His Wushu and constant dodging (I believe 25% is still accurate, but others believe he's got another trick up his sleeve...) make Matsuta especially hard to take down.
A hero with Tenacity. Tenacity provides a random chance between the end of MK's team's turn and the enemy's for him to get an extra hit in.

So what does this mean? Well, simply put, Matsuta is a Fast hero who deals crazy damage, is more durable than some Tanks, and has a chance to attack twice in one turn. Now, before we all board the 'OP Hero please nerf!' train, consider one thing. Matsuta's passives are based off of him being a ninja. Wushu, the ability to quickly strike between turns, and his high dodge chance are all based around him being a ninja. Okay, back on board the 'OP Hero please nerf!' train, because there really should be no denying he's overpowered.

The problem, I think, is not whether or not MK needs a nerf, it's how Dungeon Boss has to go about giving him a nerf. Hear me out.

I think Matsuta is a really cool hero. His Wushu and Tenacity passives, along with his abilities, are really unique and interesting. His animations are also very complex and fluid. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's a very new hero who had a lot of time and effort put into his design. That's why he's so tricky to nerf... Many people want to simply get rid of his Wushu, or dodge chance, or Tenacity passives. I don't think this is the right thing to do. A hero should be able to be fair and balanced, while retaining the aspects that make them unique and interesting to play. Removing the passives that make Matsuta... well, Matsuta, would make him boring. He's already similar enough to Black Diamond (Light, Fast, ninja-like, AoE for a first ability and then two very powerful single-target abilities), so making him more like Black Diamond wouldn't help, especially in terms of uniqueness. So how do you go about nerfing Matsuta, while keeping what makes him unique?

Here's a few suggestions:
Don't nerf Matsuta, change him. Make him more different than Black Diamond. Re-work his abilities and passives. I'm not sure how, but I don't think a straight nerf is a good step. Notice Black Diamond's dodge-enhancing passive only works for ranged attacks. Perhaps make Matsuta's Shifty into a passive that gives him the same dodge chance, but only for melee attacks. It would at least be a step in the right direction.
Change other heroes. MK is strong due partly to his effectiveness against Dark heroes, especially Undead. His other passives are certainly annoying, too. The dwarves could prove to be an interesting counter to Matsuta's shiftiness, but currently are too weak and lack the bulk needed to survive Matsuta's initial attacks, let alone a whole team of Fast heroes like Torchy, Black Diamond, and Shade. Buffing the dwarves to counter Matsuta, although not specifically, could help make him less powerful via match-up power. Also, maybe an Undead hero could be given a passive to negate the PWN Undead passive that Matsuta has.
Randomness is bad. I don't like Tenacity. Not because it makes me lose raids (which it does), but because it's random. It's annoying to both user and enemy. In PvE, for example, I like to keep my heroes' abilities and team healing in check. I make sure I have a nice cycle of abilities and cooldowns in play so that I'm always ready for anything. Matsuta can screw up this cycle at literally any given moment by attacking between turns. This can cancel things like Yasmin and Augustus' passive healing, it can end a room early while my heroes are Burning or Poisoned, forcing them to take extra damage upon entering the next room and possibly dying, and just mess up the flow of the dungeon. I'm not sure how, but I feel Tenacity should be kept, but also be made not random. Perhaps the player can activate it, but only once every 4 turns, or it works after every 4th attack, anything to make it more predictable. This would aid both offense and defense teams in PvP, I think, and would help players using him in PvE too.
Change Black Diamond. I think Black Diamond actually plays a huge role in Matsuta's rise to fame. Did you know, at one point, Black Diamond ruled PvP just like MK does today? You would see teams with 6* Black Diamonds all the time, and this was before Aria or Runes even existed! Then Matsuta got buffed and her glory days were over. I'm not saying we should make Black Diamond incredibly overpowered like Matsuta, as that would allow players to put them both on Defense and give anyone trying to raid without Fast heroes an even harder time, but I do think making her a sort of 'Matsuta-but-different' character would work in our favor. Perhaps she could even counter Matsuta somehow. Maybe make it so that Black Diamond and Matsuta don't work well on the same team, but one works well against the other, encouraging players to use Black Diamond against Matsuta and discouraging players trying to put both on the same defense team. Again, not sure how you would do that... But still.

My point here is, Matsuta is a cool and unique hero, but the same things that make him cool and unique are also what make him powerful. I want everyone to think about that before they rant about how Wushu or Tenacity should be straight-up removed. I don't think heroes should have to be bland and dull to be balanced. I want players to think about how we could ask Dungeon Boss to nerf Matsuta while still keeping his cool, ninja-like qualities. Fast heroes have a ridiculous advantage in PvP, and MK is no exception. I believe something has to be done, but I'm not sure what, and I don't think a direct, hard nerf to Matsuta is exactly the key here. I'm not saying he shouldn't be dealt with, because he definitely should, I'm just saying there's gotta be a better way... Whatever that may be. Think on it! This is supposed to be constructive criticism to DB and everyone here, by the way... Apologies if I sound too aggressive or offensive.
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  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Also, I know earlier on I said he needed a nerf, while later on I said he didn't need a nerf. You're basically reading my thought process and how it slightly changed throughout writing this. I really don't think he needs a nerf, just... more of a re-work, I suppose.

    Also worth mentioning his Epic attack is stupidly powerful. 4x damage is insane, even more so than Brom's 3x with un-healable damage, which is pretty much an insta-kill if it lands anyways.
    Level: 70
    Favorite hero: Hansuke
    Currently: Waiting for new PvE content and the PvP revamp.
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    With the new double attack yellow champions I can't even bring my rocky against MK anymore to silence koros against well runed players.
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  • nunyanunya Member
    I still like him. :) sorry Matt :(
  • So just make his speed "Normal", then MK would seem less like a BD-on-roids.
    He'd still be durable and has more tools to bring to the table than most.
  • mrdahlmrdahl Member
    Simplest nerf, without actually changing his "cool ninja uniqueness", would be to switch the first and third skill like Zen. That way he's still a more powerful Shadowblade, but not an outright team nuker.

    Make Undead Great Again
  • kalamadeakalamadea Member
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    Nuknfutz wrote: »
    So just make his speed "Normal", then MK would seem less like a BD-on-roids.
    He'd still be durable and has more tools to bring to the table than most.

    I think this is one of the best and simplest ideas I've heard to help balance him.

  • MK, the lethargic ninja!
  • danacdanac Member
    FatCat69 wrote: »
    MK, the lethargic ninja!

    He can’t even be bothered to dress in black to blend into the shadows.
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