But why? Why??

Why if I defeat an enemy character, the next one take his turn?? Seriously this is so frustating and I lost a lot of series of winning for this.
What's the point to put my heroes in order for defeat a determinate enemy hero if all **** up in this manner??


  • This topic comes up frequently. It happens with you have Hopper on your team or if the enemy is using Pontifex Mortis. Ponti becomes a slow hero when he changes to skeleton form and Hopper will completely remove a hero from the board moving another hero up in the attack order.
  • Hero order is recalculated when there is a speed change (slow debuff, ponti reincarnation) or when the body is no longer present (ran in fear, devoured by leo, hopper, zombi eat brains). I think it'd be useful to know if this is working as intended, and if so, to have a visual hero order display that updates with the team order changes to make it intuitive for all players.
  • RukaRuka Member
    So is Pontifex that messed up all. It doesent make sense.
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