Dungeon boss jeopardy! Question 8

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Congratulations to everyone who answered carnage on the last question. On to the next.

Which character's description is, "Born on a battlefield raised in an army, he has known nothing but conflict and strife?"

Dungeon boss jeopardy! Question 8 4 votes

Hansuke Undying
Overlord executum
JackHallow666seanluckyCrimson_the_KidSparkle_Starley 4 votes
Pignius maximus
My favorite element is fire because it reminds me of my mixtape, also I post every other week! Keep up


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    Overlord executum
    The questions are getting easier! They need to be getting harder! :smiley:

    I love this forum game though, it is appreciated.
    Level: 70
    Favorite hero: Hansuke
    Currently: Waiting for new PvE content and the PvP revamp.
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