Suggestion on how to improve the rune tuning system

Lork_BaxxLork_Baxx Member
Dear all,
I think you all know how frustrating it is, if your newly crafted rune ends up as a heroic one after all tuning attempts.
You spent a lot of fine materials and a huge amount of gems and at the end you have a piece of garbage to be scratched, not worth to be upgraded by a lot of gold.

I think it would be nice if there is a possibility to tune any rune to be legendary.

There are some possibilities:

- Introduce additional tuning steps, although it might be very cost intensive.

- To limit the amount of legendary runes crafted, I would introduce a special ingredient needed for the final tuning step to get a rune legendary.
The amount of the special ingredient needed could be linked to the type of rune (lesser, improved, greater, superior).

There could be different ways to get this special ingredient (material):
1. on a weekly basis to every player (eventually some more for VIP players)
2. as a guild reward
3. in PVE and/or PVP
4. in special events and/or guild games
It would be nice to be able to tune 1-2 superior runes to be legendary per week.

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  • echonapechonap Member
    Love this idea. 12 tunes that just cost gem. 13th tune costs gems and an item, but guarantees legendary status.
  • Lucky number 13!
  • I love the idea of needing an item for guaranteed legendary.
  • How about needing a Primal Spirit? The key ingredient could be a Feral Tome.
  • This is a great idea.
  • nunyanunya Member
    I really like this idea. And I say this as someone who has had approximately 20 planning runes with 10% pvp dr not go legendary! :(
  • Dear all,
    thanks for the great feedback for my idea!
  • FANTASTIC idea Lork_ Baxx! I crafted my first greater ruin two days ago, wiped out my gem supply all hoping to get a legendary that never came
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