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OK, this will be my last non- comment post for awhile, but I will try to make this as clear as I can.


I am SOO tired of people joining guilds and not collecting any crowns. I earn 210+ crowns a week, and I want to earn rewards that reflect that. I am sorry if I seem privileged/bratty here, and I am NEVER like this, I am just so tired of seeing 0/210 crowns earned when it is a wednesday night.

I am aware that I am taking this too seriously, but I just want to see if there any guilds who ACTUALLY hold their players to whatever crowns mins they set up. I don't care if there are people who only earn, say, earn 140 crowns if the min is 160, people are busy, I understand that. What makes me annoyed is when people get on EVERY DAY and still HAVE 0 CROWNS.

Once again, I am not usually this bad, I am just trying to stress to anyone that I am a person who earns all of their crowns and such and such.

If there is anyone willing, I'd love to join a new guild.
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  • rpger001rpger001 Member

    If you are willing to add the app LINE (a chat app), add me (name is Teal125) and I can get you into a 210/week crowns guild this coming Sunday at reset. We have several max crowns guilds in our guild family and would be happy to have you as a member. Being active on LINE is not required but it is required to join as we use it to communicate with the members. Plus, we have an active community which is fun, social and offers plenty of advice for those that want it.

    Even if you do not wish to join our happy band, good Luck to you in your search for a new guild.

    Cheers, Teal125 -- Potato Family of Guilds
  • BarleymanBarleyman Member
    I'm the guildmaster of Crown Hunters.

    Since the change in Daily quests which has made made earning crowns easier many people in the guild are earning 240 a week (obviously only 210 actually count), but every few of days I check the roster and toss out anyone who with hasn't logged in for two or more days, or hasn't earned ANY crowns. We're about 80% steady dependable players, 10% regular turnaround of noobs who join the guild and almost immediately drop the game. If the noobs are contributing they stay; we were all noobs once.

    You're welcome to join if we have an empty slot, we've been getting 7,000 crowns a week since the change, and have hovered just outside the top 100 guilds ever since I first joined the guild over a year ago.

    We don't expect or demand perfection, we don't do line or any special chat (we all have lives outside the game), but I do promote to officer anyone who is hitting 210 or more a week, and demote any officer who slips from that pedestal.
  • @Barleyman Sounds great! I'll join on Monday if there is an open spot, although as of right now you seen to be full. Send me an invite once you are free!
    Life IS like a box of chocolates- I don't have one.
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