Introduce rune skins

Dear all,
I know the idea is not new, but I think it is potentially very valuable.

A hero optimized for PVP might be less usefull for PVE. (And the other way around).
Sometimes it might be helpful to be able to go with a brutally agressive Shade into the field to one-shot a Viperia, but on the next run a Shade, which would survive MKs attack. Or you might prefer a Shade with a high damage boost to get through an Emilies armor.

!!! Perhaps it is a nice idea to have some rune variants (called rune skins here) for every hero, making them more specialized for certain situations and flexible !!!

A rune skin is another set of runes, giving the hero another set of bonuses (and abilities).
If a hero is chosen for a mission, one of it's skins can be applied.
A rune skin has nothing to do with the skins altering the visual appearance of the hero.

- A rune can be equipped on several skins of the same hero.
- By defalt all skins are equipped with the same runes.
- If one rune is substituted in one skin, there are no costs to dismount the existing one.
- If a rune is completely removed from all skins of a hero, it costs something to remove it.
- A hero with 2 active rune skins can hold 5-10 runes.
- If a PVE and a PVP skin is introduced, only. They are applied automatically if the hero is used in PVE or PVP, respectively.
- There should be the opportunity to give each skin variant a name, (E.G Agressive Shade, Defensive Shade, Shady Shade....) to keep the overview.

Here the last suggestion of basically the same idea:



  • Good idea, terrible name. its been asked for in the past. I don't see how this affects the game in a negative way other than for people to spend more mats and gems.

    They have so much work to do, so little ma'am power, this is bottom of the barrel stuff. They still haven't fixed skill stat yet. And that's since they implemented runes over 6 months ago
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