The Dodge Factor

This match was pretty much decided by A LOT of clutch dodges. It just doesn't feel right to have matches decided by dodges. I have no possible solutions to fix it though. Dodges are a big part of counter play, however, it's so unpredictable.



  • kpung07kpung07 Member
    Yeah dodge can get out of hand also I'm surprised you brought that team.
  • kpung07 wrote: »
    Yeah dodge can get out of hand also I'm surprised you brought that team.

    Sometimes I have to mix it up to simply not die of boredom. I like to take risks! I only need to get to Leg III. Might as well have some fun along the way haha.

    Plus, I'm really trying to use Augustus as much as possibe. I want him to have 5k defense lol.


  • FatCat69 wrote: »
    Dodge makes my heroes miserable. That's why they all commute in Fords and Chevys.

    I see what you did there......
  • I'm actually more ok with this match. There were so many dodges and you both had so little offensive firepower that it didn't feel like any single dodge really mattered that much.

    I find it much less tolerable when two or three consecutive MK dodges while he picks off the other team one by one decides the entire match.
  • itirnitiiitirnitii Member
    edited May 2017
    Agreed. Dodging is much more tolerable when it is just a tool used to add flavor to a matchup. Some RNG needs to be there so matchups don't just play out exactly the same every time. But when it is basically the deciding factor of the match because the hero who has it is too powerful then it's just overdone.

    Much like in Hearthstone, RNG can be good or bad. Good RNG outcomes make the match interesting and unique, but never lopsided. Bad RNG outcomes basically decide the game in a coinflip and nullify all skill or decision making.
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