looking for a nice guild. details here.

Hi everyone,
I'm a daily player looking for a nice guild.
I'm level 70, 100k trophies, 213k roster power, and i get 210+ crowns every week.

I would like to join a 6000+ crowns guild, not necessary a 10500 crown guild. I'll be Happy to help a guild achieve top crowns step by step.

I'll look forward to hearing from recruiters, although i'm not always online


  • The Bastion has a few slots, we are getting around 8600+ weekly hovering around 97th place. Interested?

    Potatoccino Guild - Lvl 70
    DB Forum: Recent Discussions - http://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussions
  • Hi! Kresnic. Valhöll is currently searching for a member. 8k, pushing 9k. Month old guild, 3rd guild in the Viking family. If you're interested, look me up on Line app. My search ID is Falkatraz.
  • kresnickresnic Member
    Thank you both. I have received lots of PMs with offers so i´m a bit overwhelmed.
    If i decide for your guild i´ll let you via PM in a few days.

  • nunyanunya Member
    Wow! This actually works.
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