Is anyone else hemorrhaging hammers?

A couple seasons back I had over 14k. Now, I have 11k and I play regularly if not more than I used to. What's the trick here?


  • nunyanunya Member
    I just looked. I have 264k hammers. So they keep multiplying. I think hammers in DB are sort of like plastic cups or wire hangers from the dry cleaners. You don't intend to get more, but there they are.
  • My hammers have been slowly going down ever since the update. Maybe I don't run enough PvE dungeons, but I definitely feel like I play considerably more than the average player. I don't even use hammers half the time anymore either and they still go down.
  • I started at just about 100k when the new PvP system was implemented. I am not at 56K. It definitely is slowly going down and it's probably b/c I don't spend enough stamina running PvE dungeons.

    I'm at a point though, where I'm just not going to secure my chest. I have almost 250M gold and 70K honor, so I should be ok on those for a while. Or I might just protect my chest 4 hours max at a time.
  • I've stopped protecting my chest from Friday to Monday since it's a dead zone when I don't show up in people's PvP queues. Helps preserve hammers.
  • echonapechonap Member
    I protect up to 75 hammers. Mine seems to be steady.
  • I've gone from 141k to 136k. I don't play much campaign so there isn't really a resupply.
  • I guess it's expected that we're not supposed to have our chest protected even most of the time then. I just hate seeing one or two battles lost and almost 1/3 of my honor lost, especially when winning defense doesn't net anything.
  • FatCat69FatCat69 Member
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    It doesn't matter if you play lots of campaign. I only recently stopped doing a TON of PVE and even with tons of manual runs daily, there's no way to keep up with the hammer loss.

    The only people that have hammers are those who started with a ton of them and are slowly depleting their reserves. People starting out or who didn't have any reserves are left without any hammers / protection, which is why many are just throwing their hands up in the air and saying "Forget it! Why bother?"
  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
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    So yeah I had less than 500 hammers at start of pre season 1 now I have more than 10k.
    Easily gaining while protecting chest 24/7 6 days a week. I'll gain more now that I realize protecting my chest on weekend is stupid there's a 3 day lapse each week when I get 0 defences.
    It does take me spending all stamina that generates daily plus buying more from tower to maintain a positive but I'm not losing any. If anything I gain every day.
    Even quicklooting if you don't have time to run dungeons gains hammers. Just don't protect it do like 12+ hours at a time that gets expensive lol.

    Find the time your not getting attacked
    Don't protect. That could save you hammers . New system is broken track your defence you can easily figure it out.
    Now that I know to only protect 3/7 days I'll be gaining hundreds/thousands a week.

  • gmungmun Member
    Like @JaxBoomstick I dont protect my chest from Friday through Tuesday since theyve programmed this game so I never get attacked during that time :-(
  • kalamadeakalamadea Member
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    I've fluctuated in my hammer count --- it's really a question of benefit / time to hammer cost ratio.

    If you login every 2 hours, the hammer upkeep is easy with normal PVE.
    If you want to say "screw it I don't want to stress about my chest for a while" -- then it's prohibitively expensive.
    I don't disagree with the system, but two minor changes would be nice --

    1. Make the hammer cost increase not be quite as steep of a rise.

    2. As @decepticlown says - give a bonus to gold and honor for successfully defending

    Right now there's really not a whole lot of incentive to defend. And maybe that's fine because winning while attacking is far easier than successfully defending.

    But it would be nice to see a return on investment for defending. The previous system gave you a gold multiplier based on your defender's power. Now it doesn't matter what their hero power is.

    Why not reward honor/gold for a successfully defending? Make a strong defense worthwhile besides just the fear of losing trophies. @Eej @Joel

  • Ududu2Ududu2 Member
    Whoa I forgot hammers even existed I never use them anymore, protecting my chest seems useless since the rewards I get are so meager
  • I have never spent a hammer. Utterly pointless
  • I still believe that once the general population has spent a majority of their stored up hammers, they will redesign the chest and offer some kind of "hammer shop". But by that time, most folks won't be able to mass buy items offered there.
  • danacdanac Member
    Hammer loss is a problem if you protect your chest often.
    However, I kept my chest protected perhaps 50% of the time, maybe less, this past season and still wound up with nearly 100 k honor.

    Unless you’re getting attacked a lot and not raiding enough to compensate, I’d recommend not protecting as much. Save the hammers for seasons you need a lot of honor.
  • Play this game lifelessly for years on end, somehow end up with 200k hammers and hate your life.
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