Pontifex Questions

1. When he dies of fire or poison (or wound?) is he supposed to not revive?
2. Why is he slowed sometimes by Zomm even if he is not diseased?
3. Does Ponti Returned count as an undead in all senses? (Yorick's healing, Zomm's healing ability, Zomm's healing passive, Zomm and Yorick's buff passives)
4. In the tower, if he dies in a floor, does he ressurect in other floors?
5. Does his undead fervor passive apply to returned pontifex?
6. Does his undead fervor apply even why pontifex is dead?
7. Does it apply if he is brought into a tower floor when dead?
8. How do runes apply to dead pontifex?

Many could be found with simple testing, but I am lazy.
The other ones I don't know how to figure out.


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    1. Honestly not sure I actually think it might just be a long standing bug since hopper doesn't destroy enemies that died the same way atleast until he attacks again.
    2. I've seen that applied to all heros not just ponti, perhaps zomms basic attack has a chance to disease and it's just not stated?
    3. Just tested it myself since I had no clue, he wasn't healed with zomms passive so I would assume he doesn't benefit from the other passive as well, sadly he does get affected by stuff like MKs pwn undead. (more testing reveals he does in fact get healed by zomms taste for brains ability but still not sure on yoricks epic heal)
    4. As your hero? I think he stays undead between floors until either he dies for good or resurrect himself.
    5. Nope, a simple inspect while he's undead in a Dungeon reveals he loses undead fervor
    6. Same question as 5 unless you mean truly dead then no.
    7. Once again no.
    8. Nothing changes besides his base stats if living ponti runes had +20 attack and lifestyle then dead ponti will have +20 attack and lifesteal
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  • Thank you. I'm still perplexed about the Zomm one though. I have only seen it on Pontifex, and I have only seen it in the tower (granted, I rarely get Zomm vs Ponti not in the tower). He doesn't seem to get diseased, which could make sense if Overlord was being used, but I rarely use him, so IDK what is going on. I guess it's just such a small bug, they don't care to fix it, which makes sense.
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    ...but Zen answers.
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