Season 5 Rune Oddity

So I'm looking at this week's Rune reward ... and I'm confused.
  1. I thought we "fixed" the issue with runes having the same name but different stats. Why did we revert from duelist back to confusion?
  2. A blue bulwark? Really? I create a spreadsheet of every hero used for PvP and assign them "preferred" runes to keep track of things. I have exactly one blue bulwark used in total across all the heroes and I really don't think Rocky needs something special.
  3. I can craft a blue bulwark with the same stats and probably a better 4th stat with less gems than it takes to get Top 100. Why did we opt for such a terrible rune this season?

Not everyone may agree with my valuation, but I make a chart showing how many gems each PvP Rune reward is worth to me in gem value. This season's rune is by far the worst yet.



  • I'm not a pro PVP'r like some, but I have to agree.. isn't this just a Bulwark rune with a guaranteed 4th stat that.. isn't the greatest?

    If it was a 8/10% dmg reduction in pvp you might see a bigger fight for it. But 8/10% from warriors? meh

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