Imagine Having 5-Hero Teams in the Next Half of Boss Mode!

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Hi there. Just something to think about, but since we know pretty much nothing about what the next half of Boss Mode will bring, I'd like to suggest an idea for you - What if the final half of Boss Mode let you use teams of 5 heroes? Of course, the difficulty would be ramped up even more so than usual, so that even the highest-leveled players would have a bit of a challenge completing it. Friend heroes and potions wouldn't even be allowed, regular enemies would have insane amounts of passives, etc etc.

But think about the possibilities! You could have...
  • A full team of all the Monsters!
  • A Dwarf team containing 1 dwarf of each element!
  • The Goblin team, but with Kozar as the 5th member!
  • The full Beast team (Torchy/Lupina/Bovus/Julius/Grog-Gnog)!
  • The first five heroes as a team (SB/Willow/Rogar/Yasmin/Stonefist)!
  • A full demon team!
  • And so many other fun options!

Of all the things that could be revealed for the next part of Boss Mode, I really really hope 5-man teams will be one of them. It just opens up so many opportunities and play styles. Then, for a Champion or Boss difficulty challenge, there could be something like "Only 4 members allowed", and other team-based challenges!

Also an idea, perhaps PvP events? Like, for one week only, teams of 5 would be allowed for both Defense and Offense, or for another week, teams of only 3 would be allowed. Or then another week, only Water heroes. Another week, only Beasts, Monsters and Ogres. Or only Healers and Casters! We need more fun events and levels based around team composition! I think we focus too much on the individual heroes we put into our 4-man teams rather than the possibility of focusing on HOW we have fun messing around with team-building limits.

Just a suggestion. What do you guys want to see in the next half of Boss Mode? Besides the Boss of Darkness mentioned by Thalia, that is.
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