Epic piece not found

Yeah so I'm sure this is just a visual glitch but enjoy another stupid bug to fix.


  • This is a pretty rare visual glitch. Someone posted that their entire roster was just filed with this exact question mark ages ago. And I believe it wasn't fixed by hard resetting, and it only affected that account, so ._.
  • danacdanac Member
    I don’t think it’s a rare visual glitch. Happens to me all the time, usually in the box for a hero’s special in battle.

    Pretty sure the program puts those questions as fillers in boxes that have variable components when it’s constructing a screen. I imagine that if your device is fast enough, the box is filled in before you can see the question. Mine is pretty slow, so sometimes it takes a second or two for the box to be filled in. Hence I see lotsa question marks.
  • That happens to me for the Augustus final piece as well. I didn't try to max him because of it. I wonder if it is just visual.
  • It is, however, now displaying. Maybe they fixed it. It was like that for days though.
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