Fool to leave, idiot to return!

So I quit dungeon boss; maybe a year ago when they first brought out runes. I cannot cope with change! I have just reloaded the game and OMG EVERYTHING has changed. When I left, torchy, bovus, Igo and nub were my go to team. Now i don't even know who is who. Can anyne help me with who to concentrate on upgrading?


  • debletdeblet Member
    Also Boss Mode! What the hell! I can't get past the first stage. HELP MEEEEEEE
  • danacdanac Member
    Delete the game again.

    You’re welcome.
  • danacdanac Member
    In case you don’t:
    First, make two teams, an undead with Yorik, Overlord or Hansuke, Bromm, Zomm. And a goblin team.
    Get runes, first improved or greaters. Put runes that increase crit on the goblins and defensive or vampire runes on the undead.
    Use those teams for boss mode. They work in most cases.

    Second, for PVP or some boss mode dungeons, you want, especially, Kobal, Koros, the snakes, Furnace, Bauble, Shade [tho he’s VIP right now], Kira.
    These are the first ones to concentrate on. I’m sure I’m forgetting some.
    Your general strategy should be to complete Challenge mode and farm any tokens you want there, get runes to make better runes, get good enough runes to get epics from Boss Island, save gems to make runes, especially high end greaters, or superiors
  • Pipe901Pipe901 Member
    It's all around runes now. I quit and came back again, and boy it's the struggle. Once you get decent runes on your characters you should be able to play normally though. MK Is really sweet rn , and so are the reptiles , furnace, bauble and shade. Koros and Valkin are also pretty sweet-
  • Stars are just useless now
    Focus on good runes
    Doudidarling - French Touch "family"
    Level : 70
    Trophies : 300k
    Roster : 320k
  • debletdeblet Member
    urg, it all sounds no fun at all. But I will follow the above and try my best!
    thanks guys
  • debletdeblet Member
    Its me again, So I get the point of runes now! But I still can't beat anyone in PVP and am useless in Boss mode so how on earth do I get my hands on decent runes or epics to bring my stats up? its driving me craaaaaazy
  • RobSnowRobSnow Member
    Hey @deblet . If you add me on LINE ( by searching for LINE ID: robsnow84 , I will be happy to help you get through these stages :smile: You'll probably have too many questions to answer in one forum post.
  • ckall056ckall056 Member
    deblet wrote: »
    Also Boss Mode! What the hell! I can't get past the first stage. HELP MEEEEEEE

    Boss Mode was meant to be the toughest of the tough, with exception of possibly the VH dungeons and the Legendary Boss Island dungeons.
    Once you get a good supply of greater runes, you should be able to waltz through most of the ones that dont force you to use specific heroes.
    I got videos of sample teams for all 66 if you need them.

    Are all plugs shameless?
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