Tower Bug?

I think there may be a bug involved, but maybe somebody can tell me if this is normal.

I'm doing the Tower, and I'm having fits because I'm Level 61 and I'm facing some tough opponents, like the Kai, Shade, Ponti, Hopper team that I just had an issue with on Tower Lvl 9- my roster is thin, and I've gone multiple rounds with these guys.

First, I fed them a tank to use up some of their special attacks.

The I used a couple of full teams to go at them, trying to whittle them down.

Since I had multiple tries, cant recall who I took into the specific battle in issue, but I finally killed Kai, Shade, Ponti, and Ponti's resurrected skeleton. I played at least one, maybe two turns against Hopper before she killed me.

So I'm thinking, 'Ok, I've got enough guys left to at least take Hopper and complete level 9, getting me another 75 gems (50 -> 125).

BUT when I go back to the main Tower screen, the only character that shows a red X is Shade. I'm like, WTH? I hope that's an error after all it took to kill Kai and Ponti (x2).

It wasn't. I go into battle, and first thing, Kai does Drench, Shade does Haunted Past, Hopper does a bite, and then fully fleshed out Ponti does Chaos Storm, and it's basically game over.

I also had an earlier level where my Tsume's Soul Shred hit everyone on the board, all of my team as well as all of the enemy team, killing 3 of theirs and 2 of mine. I had never had that happen before, but I thought maybe it was because I am going against higher level teams than I've ever faced. That time the opposing team was Kai, Shade, Ponti, and MK.

FWIW, the teams with Kai, Shade, and Ponti are a pain.


  • As you describe it that certainly sounds like an error. I was wondering if you retreated rather than were defeated, so the floor reset, but you said your last hero was killed. In this case the floor should remain as you left it.

    I'm slightly surprised Hopper was the last one standing, she's not all that tough, but maybe you deliberately left her to the end.

    It may be that, since Hopper normally stomps dead foes into the ground, something in the code also resurrects her dead allies?
  • Yes, I left Hopper for last because Kai was easiest to kill and Shade and Ponti are really hard for me. I try to kill them so don't keep doing their crazy hard attacks. Plus Hopper had her Evasion attribute in effect, so I didn't want to waste attacks on thin air.

    Definitely did not retreat. I made that mistake once.
  • Hi. I had the same issue just now. I was playing level 7 of the Tower. I beat Mangle Jaw and 2 others leaving only Grog Nogg (who defeated me). When I went to the level again Mangle Jaw was alive and his burn killed my players. This is a bug but it has only happened to me once. Very frustrating though.
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