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Hi, I've been part of a fairly inconsistent guild for over a year. When I first joined the guild, we seemed to have at least 30 active players, but over time, they wandered off. About 8 - 10 months ago, the old guild leader left the game, but not before making me an Officer in the guild. However, he passed the title of Leader off to another guy who is, to say the least, inactive. In fact, as of today, he has done nothing on the game/guild for the last year. We also have 5 or 6 other officers who have been inactive for 6 - 11 months. Apparently, there is no way to oust the old, inactive players out and rebuild the guild by an officer...only the guild leader. I have booted other inactive members in the last few months (again, inactive for periods of 6 months or more)

Is there a way to boot the guild leader, and reorganize the guild so we can get more active players? Right now, my guild is full and only about 8 - 10 are actually active (meaning they actually earn a crown once in a while)???


  • OH, also, there seems to be a bug in the iOS version, as I have a large number of players that are "Details not found..." but have Profile IDs listed (most are 7 digit numbers)
  • Contact customer service. I remember one similar situation where they were able to help promote an officer to GM.
  • Thanks, I suppose I'll give that a try. :tired_face:
  • If that doesn't work, just make a new guild and have the other active players join it. That's been done before too.

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    If there are only 8 - 10 of you, there may also be a guild or guild family who could take you all together.
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    I'm surprised you guys didn't all leave to join a different guild. Carrying that many sandbags must be heavy.
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    GeldrinHor wrote: »
    OH, also, there seems to be a bug in the iOS version, as I have a large number of players that are "Details not found..." but have Profile IDs listed (most are 7 digit numbers)

    That came about as a result of one of the big updates and it happened on Android as well; I think it was the update that introduced runes. Until people logged in after the update their details in guild and friend menus looked like that.

    A lot of players apparently decided to drop the game altogether, or maybe had trouble updating to the new software on their devices. I lost 31 of 38 friends who failed to log in after the update and had to drop and replace them over the next couple of days. I've had to drop a game before when the software would no longer run on my device.

    These are players who are have not played in months, and if you do get the GM spot you need to kick them all.

    Regarding your Guild situation, I've seen this happen to guilds in other games. Usually the developers will respond to a request from an active officer to promote them to Guild Master so they can sort out the guild and try to kick start it again. However T]this was in games where there is a monetary cost to Guild startup.

    While it's a shame to let a guild die, that may ultimately be preferable to the effort of trying to resurrect it. Attracting and retaining consistently productive members is difficult, as any Guild Master will tell you. Every week I have to strip out half a dozen inactives or non-productives, usually people who just joined earlier that week and almost immediately stopped playing.
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