Next Valentine's Day Skin Ideas (No Drawings Yet)

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I'm really tired, so I can't draw right now. It's 1 in the morning. But I thought of some cool Valentine's Day skin ideas for next time it comes around.

Burning Passion Ember
Ember would have a bouquet of roses instead of a wand. She would also be wearing some sort of bridal outfit possibly, with pink or red highlights to clearly show she's still a Fire element. Her healing abilities would also make heart particle effects float around allies when they get healed (not from her passive healing tho, cuz that might be a bit much if you ask me).

Romance Guardian Astrid
Her lance would look similar to what it is now, but with a pink spearhead as opposed to her red one, and roses would be wrapped around the weapon. Her armor would look more Valentine's Day like, with more pink colors, shoulder plates in the shapes of hearts, and instead of armor covering her eyes, it could be a pink bandit mask looking thing. Cuz she steals hearts... get it? Also her shield could be a box of chocolates, and when she throws it at enemies with Boomerang Shield, a little particle effect of chocolates falling out would follow it. And, if this isn't too much to ask, maybe when she provokes enemies, instead of a marksman scope effect on Astrid and the target, maybe it could be a heart shaped mark instead? No? Too much?

Big Softy Phemus
Phemus has a soft side! On the inside, he really just wants someone to love him. For this skin idea, he could be wearing a tuxedo and have a beautiful wig- Er, I mean, a totally not fake, actually real black cow lick hairdo. For his weapon... I'm not really sure what it would be. I'd say a giant thorny rose, but my Ember idea sort of already uses that?... Perhaps just a giant heart-shaped lollipop, or just an ornate, fancy looking mace. Like, a slender, smooth, obsidian mace with gold plating on the top and bottom of the mace part, with a dark leather handle. It would match his dark tuxedo.

I'm keeping these ideas here until I can draw them out. Hopefully that's soon.
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  • The only thing I want for Valentine's Day is a pink Phenol with a cupid arrow stuck in him, and maybe a heart or two <3
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