Epic blocks ability to apply status effects on basic attack

I did a quick search but did not find anything in the Bug category that already listed this issue.

Basically the gist of the issue is that any hero that has an epic does not seem to apply status effects from their basic attack. Before they have their epic it works, then after the epic, it stops working. e.g. Stone Fist never chills on a melee attack once he has his epic.
From I've tested, it seems so. If you bring Rocky and Lilly and make a Green hero with an Epic a plant, they won't Poison on basic attacks. If you bring Zomm, Executum, and Brom on a team, Brom won't Disease on basic attacks. Also, I've never seen Squinch burn an enemy on Crit since he got his Epic.

There area few other comments related to this in this thread. I am sure there are more that people will link in this thread.


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    Yep. Lots of testing and comments in that thread. I'm guessing it's never been formally reported.

    Thanks for calling out the verified bug in a separate thread @SatansArmpit. I think that's exactly what it needed to get on someone's radar.
  • Yes, this was established in the Stonefist Epic thread but nobody made a post about it. It works for practically all heroes. Green heroes with Epics who become a plant via Lilly and are on a team with Rocky can't poison on basics. Brom on a team with Zomm and Executum won't Disease on basics.

    It's different for Crit effects though, probably since they never specify that they're only for basic attacks. For instance, I've seen Squinch with his Epic Burn enemies with a Crit basic, but it's probably because his passive says "Burn on Crit", not "Burn on Basic attack".
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  • I'm having our team look into this. Thank you for all the details and examples!
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