Aria has Perfect Swing?

Whenever I use Aria on my teams, I notice that she never misses her attacks. Like, ever. Of course her provoking poke never misses, but even when dazed against an enemy Aria she will never miss her other abilities. Was this intended or is it a bug? However, if it is a bug, I'd rather Aria keep the perfect swing trait. It would be a mini-buff that would prevent Aria vs. Aria stalemates.
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  • It's called out on the attack info for her regular attack (I knew she had it but a guildmate showed me where t was written when we were all talking about it). If she didn't have it then there could be endless loops of a off balance aira retaliating against another off balance aira. It had to be this way.
  • Yes, she does. It is weird, but as Zombie8U pointed out, it is necessary. however, it should be listed in her traits. Also, maybe it could be changed to be undodgeable, but can still miss.
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