Looking for 10.5k Guild

As the title says. Looking for a guild that hits 10.5k weekly and is serious about it. Not looking for a guild that skirts 1st place or occasionally hits it.

I have line, always Legend in pvp, 240 Crowns weekly.

If your looking for a low maintenance addition to your guild that hits the targets weekly in all respects of the game let me know.



  • JS1891JS1891 Member
    Message me on line chat @jamess1891
  • FelleFelle Member
    Hello, i just created a guild and i'm looking for players like me and you (240 crowns a week) if you want to try to enter the guild is called The Crowns, for now we are few but hope to complete it as soon as possible. B)
  • Jamess1891 can you invite me to join your guild?
  • Does your guildmates talk mostly all the time in dungeon boss?
  • Can I join your guild?
  • nunyanunya Member
    @PokemonBros23 you need to download the line app and add james1891 on line. :)
  • If you're still looking, hit me up on Line app. Id is "echonap". I am recruiting for Empire / Aegis of Athena. We are 10.5k guild 30+ weeks in a row with a 250k RP, 150k trophy, 240 crown, 100k+ gg minimum. Must be active on Line chat too.
  • JS1891JS1891 Member
    @PokemonBros23 message me on line chat app (free to download at the App Store or google play store) my Line iD is jamess1891
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