Chief NubNub: Skill or straight Crit?

given his heal on crit passive and how incredibly strong voodoo ritual is baseline for healing, I'm wondering how strong just getting crit on him, vs skill for a mix of healing and crit, is. Also, are there diminishing returns on either stat I should be aware of?


  • his heals basically heal to full anyways. I would definitely make sure crit is 50% top priority, and then defense, and then skill last.
  • That said, skill affects more than just crit and healing....
  • unrelated, but I came up against an all defensive nub in pvp the other day. I could not believe how little damage it took. I wanted to claw my eyes out.
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  • Tanked healers, shudder, those battles take forever... :/

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    I gave my Nub a ton of Attack and Crit. He got enough health from Battle runes to be tanky and enough Attack from his Slow passive that he has almost 3000 Attack -w-

    Hilarious to see Nub Crit and one-shot an IGOROK, then fully restore everyone's health.
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