Come enjoy the VIP LIFE with us! Active Line chat rooms, weekly guild events and more!

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The VIP family is looking for active, daily players to join our guilds and grow with us. We value our members and prefer to promote from within, so we recently added a 4th guild to expand opportunities for newer players. Anyone from level 30 to level 70 can find a home in our family.

  • VIP LIFE - 1st place rewards. The original VIP guild where our most consistent members strive to be. 210 crown minimum and use of Line required.
  • VIP Heroes - Consistent top 10 rewards; 210 crown minimum. Line is preferred, but not required. Top members move up to VIP LIFE.
  • VIP Minions - 9-10k rewards with opportunities for promotion to VIP Heroes or VIP LIFE. 180 crown minimum.
  • VIP Roe-d Warriors - Our newest guild, operating as the entry point for promotion to the rest of the VIP guilds. 160 crown minimum.

What do we offer?

We have 2 Line chat rooms. One devoted to tips, tricks, and strategy for PVP, events, guild games, roster development, runes, and more. The other is for general chat, guild info, and getting to know each other a little bit outside the context of DB.

Player performance is tracked weekly across all 4 guilds and posted for all members to view. This list determines who is up for promotion as spots become available.

We also host weekly guild events such as a contest to see who can improve their total trophy count the most, who can be the first person to 3 star a dungeon with a specific set of heroes, or win a PVP match with a specific team! The winners from these events are entered in a note on our Line chat room and have their names displayed in the MotD of all four guilds as that week's VIP MVP.

And above all, we are a friendly, knowledgeable community of members who are always willing to offer advice (and the occasional Star Wars quote) to anyone who needs help.

Is this the LIFE for you?

We hope so! To reserve a spot in the VIP family, or for more information, contact beckon10 on the Line app.
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    I have been with the VIP family for a long time now and everyone has helped me to be the player I am today!

    We have become a great family and I enjoy chatting with everyone every day!
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    All four of our guilds are currently in the Guild Games top 100. Come join us for a chance at top rewards in the next GG!
  • But... do you have cookies? ;)
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    sirolk99 wrote: »
    But... do you have cookies? ;)

    That can be arranged :smiley:
  • The VIP Family is a terrific place for players who enjoy this game, want to reap great rewards and generally enjoy discussing the ins and outs of DB - our forums are active, our players are knowledgeable and the atmosphere is friendly. Belonging to this family makes the DB experience really worthwhile. 10/10 would recommend ;)
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    We have openings this week! Every one of our guilds was in the top 100 in the last Guild Games. Join us for a chance at great rewards. Reply here or contact me using the Line app. My Line ID is beckon10
  • Didn't only the Top 50 guilds get good rewards?
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    FatCat69 wrote: »
    Didn't only the Top 50 guilds get good rewards?

    Let's be honest, the rewards weren't exactly "good" at any level last time relative to the effort involved. I'm being optimistic for this one :smile:

    Joining the VIP family is about more than one event, of course. Aside from the weekly crown tournament rewards (which are about as good as the rewards get in DB), our VIP MVP competitions helps guild members improve their rosters and gives everyone a chance to highlight their skills. We use our Line groups to share strategies, help new players learn about the game, and build a helpful, supportive community. If you want to be part of that community, let me know!
  • VIP Roe-d Warriors is now hitting 9k rewards consistently. Join the VIP family before Boss Invasions next week!
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