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First off, we are a relaxed yet competitive bunch. TKK and Helix are Max Rewards Guilds, and Helix Knights is a stable 10k rewards guild.

We promote from Helix Knights into the other two, as spaces become available. Generally 1-2 openings/week, on average.

If you want to join a GREAT community and share some tips and strategies in a fun environment, then we are definitely for you.

If you are able to commit to 200+ crowns per week and not be an idiot in the Game Chat, then drop me a line. No trophy or roster power minimums, just an interest in collecting crowns, and building your team!

We don't *require* LINE, but gosh-darn-it... it's hard to be part of the fun community without it!

Contact "Flyte97" on the LINE App (stormtrooper sunglasses), or email [email protected]


  • FlyteFlyte Member
    Hmmm... one week later, and no posts (though we did get two contact me directly thorough LINE - thank you!).

    Some are suggesting that we are being too picky...

    I suppose we could soften things a bit, but "not be an idiot in chat" is kindof a CORE requirement with us.

    || HELIX KNIGHTS | 200+ Crowns | 10k Rewards | L30+ | Play Nice With Others ||
  • Weekly crowns is ridicously easy to achieve now, only takes 30 mins a day. Don't be an idiot in chat... well that's obvious and required. No tropy or power min requirements. And people are saying you are picky? No way! Only way to be less picky would be what my guild does. Only 100+ crowns a week min, but we do required lvl35+. Yeah, tell those too picky commenting people to go away. Requirements for the higher level guilds are waaay worse! Good luck in recruiting. :)

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  • It's not about your guild being picky. The forums are picked clean. No free agents here.
  • NoArmsNoArms Member
    @Flyte If you still have spots to fill I'm looking for a guild (ideally before Guild Games start) and I think I meet you're apparently 'picky' requirements... ;)
  • FlyteFlyte Member
    NoArms wrote: »
    @Flyte If you still have spots to fill I'm looking for a guild (ideally before Guild Games start) and I think I meet you're apparently 'picky' requirements... ;)

    NoArms: We are good for the Guild Games, sorry. There's a good chance that we will have a spot at reset on Sunday night. I will have to review how that can affect Guild Games totals, though.

    If you're on LINE, please shoot me a PM (to "Flyte97"). In-game, send a friend request to Flytë. If you leave out the umlaut, it will go to my Alt, which is in Helix. I will still be able to track you down, though.


  • FlyteFlyte Member
    ***June 19 UPDATE***
    No spaces available today. Please PM "Flyte97" on LINE to be considered for a possible space on June 26. Mid-week availability is rare, but (sadly) not unheard-of...
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