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UPDATED with Guild Games #8 results! If you're looking for a guild, look no further. The VAS Guild Family is recruiting.

Our family is made up of 4 guilds; three 1st place and one 9k.

Veni Vidi Vici:
This is our flagship 1st place guild, focused on a strong Guild Game performance. We placed 6th in GG 7 and are looking to increase our performance this round!

GG 8: 4th place!

This is our strong, 1st place guild, focused on moderate performance in GG.

GG 8: 13th place!

Strategy Gods:
Another strong, 1st place guild, for those players who are not focused heavily on GG but who want to reap the best guild rewards.

GG 8: 34th place!

We have a guild for all players. This is our leveling and learning guild, getting 8-9k crowns per week.

GG 8: 97th place!

There are a lot of guilds out there getting 1st place. So what sets us apart? In addition to getting 1st place for 49+ weeks, VVV placed 6th in Guild Games #7 ... AND ... We are officially affiliated with Level Capped! Yes, that's right. If you're looking for a lot of advancement opportunity, this is the Guild family to join!

On a personal note, I have been in VVV since about August 2016 and can attest that this is a great place to be. We would love to have you as part of our Family!

Contact us on Line:
  • keziidb
  • sirjuicedb
  • bbclare7
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  • Hope to hear from strong DB players that are looking for a great opportunity to be in Top notch guilds... Our Line chat is formative and fun...✨
  • This is a great guild to be a part of, at every level. We have strong committed players with a vast amount of knowledge to help you with your gaming experience. Come check us out!
  • Updated with final results from Guild Games 8. Great job VAS!
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  • As a former GM of VAS, and current member of Level Capped, I have nothing but good things to say about this guild family. The partnership between VAS & LC is something to be proud of, and gives members access to the best information, ideas & PvP/PvE strategies in the game. The very best members will have a chance to earn a place in LC, the #1 guild in the game.

    The VAS guild family is always recruiting, as it continually strives to improve. So please submit your application today!
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