Resource cap any chance in increasing it?

Hi @Joel / @Eej

Any reason why the resource cap is 999? Is there a way to remove it or at least increase it to 9999?? For me is frustrating having limits on amount of resources i can collect.

The EMPIRE :: The Aegis of Athena


  • Absolutely, yes! Some epics require 380 crystals to fully upgrade. That's 40% of the 999 cap.

    Also, increase XP potion capacities to 9,999.

    While we're at it, PLEASE add # of free portal pulls to currency tab in profile menu. All of this seems SO easy to implement. Do it already.
  • Or at least have the excess go to aether.

    Or at least balance the formulas a little better so that we won't always have 999 Abyssal Crystals and 999 Grave Iron and 999...
  • Mat cap increase and portal counter are supposedly in the works. At least that's what I remember seeing in the summit logs. although after this past GG, it's even more hard to trust what they say they are going to do.
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