pvp balance!

really the pvp balance is way off!!! cant be that new players (4-8 weeks) are just punshing bags for the old players....... loosing all time no matter how often one reloads! example me. lvl 55 around 10k against lvl 56 and higher with over 13k power....NO CHANCE AT ALL!!! even after tonns of reloading spending gold.......that sucks and makes a lot of new players leave! plz work on that!


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    Really!.....I'm a level 66....VIP5....getting utterly destroyed by people sometimes 10 levels lower?...almost makes the game as a whole unplayable and not fun...
  • You do have runes equipped on your heroes right?

    And you're trying to win, right? (Just checking.)
  • danacdanac Member
    FatCat69 wrote: »

    And you're trying to win, right? (Just checking.)

  • WasiWasi Member
    You had me at hello loosing #badgrammarmakesmybrainhurt
    The Potato Army
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