How should I rune my fully ascended masuta on level 53 specifically for pvp?I am not currently satisfied with his current setup,so thought I'd ask.


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    Gorgons have a new guild! Gormandizing gorgon! Yaya!!!
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    farfella wrote: »

    For every single slot?

    That's a bit overkill don't you think?
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    Meh. Crit, and attack. What more could you want from mk. I guess you could go with some insight if you really want some defensive buffing.
    Gorgons have a new guild! Gormandizing gorgon! Yaya!!!
  • MK already gets a ton of crit, especially in a few more levels when you start working on his epic. Plus, you don't want to rely on crit rolls to win a match. Assuming you don't have any top end PvP runes, you should go att/att/dmg power runes for red and green, precision runes with att for yellow and blue.

    Some people like a little more survivability on him and swap out one of the precisions for a bulwark. Can help him survive some of the shade openers and such. Up to you.
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    I go pretty much straight power across the board, with a few of the cool champion runes. The only thing that has ever killed him in one hit was Shade (If I recall...i sometimes have a habit of mis-remembering failures). That being said, without him being Epic yet, thats a tough call. I've found that my 54 Kira (with absolute junk runes) has not been a priority in PvP for me.

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