Secrets, treasure rooms, etc.

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These are both fun concepts in need of an update (though not at the expense of more important updates). Treasure rooms should be given improved rewards for more challenging modes, secrets should likewise be adjusted to account for the difficulty of levels.

And an addendum to this: introduce more heroes that are unlockable through gameplay only. Tokens for a unique hero from secrets and a Boss Mode Completion hero, like Leo was for Challenge Mode. Boss points should also do something besides add arbitrary amounts for a leaderboard, perhaps those could add tokens for a hero or unlock shop purchase options for a unique hero? Just looking for ways to make content more relevant to roster development.


  • That'll show those lazy whales who's really boss. And it will make those whales spend more! I see it as a win-win.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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