Tokens and skins more accessible

1) add skins tab in Aether and not just Nimriel
2) add 3 more heros to be with ember and Aria in aether. So 1 aether hero for each colour.
3) custom The VIP portal to list heroes needed for each player. No one will spend gems if they already have some of the heroes maxed.
4) add tokens to Boss level campaign dungeons.
5) reduce stamina cost for boss island dungeons from 20 to 5. superior runes are given away so often now they are no longer rare or hard to come by.
6) remove quick loot of boss dungeons or increase to need 8 keys not just 1 providing tokens drops are added.
7) increase VIP levels up to 15 and include special game features such as:
a) allow players to increase their character levels above 70 by +1 for each VIP level above VIP 12.
b) allow to be able to tune runes after they have been accepted.
c) cap the cost of PVP raid tickets to 40 gems and when bought grant 1 free refresh without resetting win streak.
d) at VIP level 15 all characters and skins available in aether shop.
e) at VIP level 15 grant access to unique heroes - such as a known dungeon bosses.
f) at VIP 15 allow access to locked boss dungeons.


  • WasiWasi Member
    Some good ideas there.

    2) Aren't there already a heap of premium and bronze heros already in the aether shop?
    3) This would be great but I doubt will happen since the portal changes
    6) I've always liked the idea that if you run a boss island dungeon you are guaranteed a totem. I'm sure they used to do that with challenge dungeons before runes were introduced.
    7a) Can't have an unfair ceiling (or a higher ceiling) for some players.. yes VIP can get you there quicker but you can't go beyond.
    The Potato Army
  • The way I see it is that if players are willing to spend/fund the game then they should be entitled to have real VIP privileges over players who choose to play for free.

    I have played for almost a year but only VIP 7 where as others have been VIP 10 and paid a lot more afterwards. There is no incentive for me to try to obtain higher VIP levels at the moment.

    I think many will opt to increase their VIP levels if they can see real ingame special advantages as suggested above.

    Overall : room for improvement which is why I added this post and also to inspire others to debate and make additional suggestions.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Increase VIP level to 15... wh- why? No... Please no. It costs hundreds of dollars to get from 8 to 10. Can you even begin to imagine how much that'd cost? Just no.

    Also about the access to locked dungeons... that's cuz Boss Mode isn't done yet... it's going to be available for everyone eventually.

    You may want to consider playing the game for another year or so before posting such radical suggestions, no offense. Just add 3 new heroes to the Aether shop that are as powerful as Aria/Ember? I get like, maybe 100 players might have the Aether for that, but for the thousands who don't, that would make having all heroes 6* (even WITH paying money) an impossible dream. Not to mention they'd have to design and create the heroes...

    Also, please for the love of Joveth don't give VIP players PvP benefits. Just don't. PvP is pay-to-win as it is.
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