We have one spot open in IBX at reset, 210 player. Pm 6darkest6hour or ladybam1bam on Line App


  • TWilliamsTWilliams Member
    edited June 2017
    Great Guild. Social and active on Line. Given the rather disappointing guild games our ranks stood up and finished well. If you're a reliable 210 player this is a great opportunity to get to those 1st place rewards.
  • Couldn't agree more, totally awesome guild family. We'll rock the next guild games!
  • 2 top 100 guilds Consistent #1 Iron Brigade, 43 in GuildGames | #4 rewards guild Iron Brigade Xtra, 53 place GG | 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE IN IBX TODAY! Message 6darkest6hour6 on Line app if interested!
  • ThundRThundR Member
    Sorry @ladybam I am in iron brigade Xtra and am going on holiday later this week and will return to the game until the 21st of July.
    Is it possible for you to get someone from Reserves to cover me
    So much work.
  • Thundr sent pm
  • Help get crowns. Get 1st place. Get the rewards.
  • Very casual and competitive.
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