VIP portal randomness is Poor

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As an example I bought deal of the month gems which gave a total of 4000 to play with on the VIP portal.
Of the 4 heros I had Shade maxed and still needed tokens for the other 3 being Lilly, Kreel, and Ferno. After 10 summons I had 8 with a Shade and 2 with Lilly.
Statistics would mean I should have had 2 or 3 of Shade not 8!

In light that players are buying pixels and have nothing physical in return for our money Im sure we would all appreciate a fair and more varied selection with this particular portal. In the Great portal and Heroic portal a player gets a fixed reward for 10x but not so in VIP.

Alternatively allow players to select the 4 heroes beforehand or at least not give the same hero as the previous result over and over.

When it comes to gambling machines in casinos its law to state the % of success but not the case with such mobile app games.
It's evident from example that having 4 heroes in VIP does no mean there is a 25% chance of getting each and I've no idea what the % is to get full unlock. Such variations need to be made aware to players along with the % chance of success when upgrading a rune.
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  • 10 rolls of the dice are largely susceptible to random chance. Your sample size is too small to draw any conclusions. I don't know the actual chance of each hero in the VIP portal, but even if it were exactly 25% for each hero, the chances of getting one hero 8 times is not highly unlikely. I understand your frustration that you did not get the hero that you wanted, but that does not necessarily mean there is something wrong.
  • Given the small number of heroes that are restricted to the VIP portal, if they wanted it to be 'fair' they'd just put one in each day on a rotating basis.

    That way you only bother getting tokens for the hero you want, and don't just recycle gems into aether.
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    Well if 8 of the same in VIP is deemed as acceptable I'd like to see MK with 25% dodge, dodge 8 times in a row in PVP on a regular basis and see how long it would take people to complain.

    As it stands I think it's a poor service and something easy to remedy hence the suggestion.
  • He already does that (dodge 8 times in a row).

    They need to update their RNG algorithm to something a little less periodic.
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    at least there are good heros in there, i remember when willow was in the VIP portal. Don't get me wrong tho i still think VIP portal is a complete waste
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