Epic attacks

Forgive me if this is buried in another thread, but what are the circumstances that make an epic hero use their "epic attack"? Is it just random?


  • Yep. Random. But the must be using a basic attack.

    As they level up their epic, the likelihood of it activating goes up.

    Humorously, I've often silenced defenders with epics because I didn't want their first special to activate and had their epics activate instead (since they were forced to use a basic attack). That epic is sometimes more destructive for your plans than their first special.
  • lookin at you, bovus... B)

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • As stated above, epics kick off only from a Basic attack. 10% chance at level 1, rising to 19% at level 10, 25% at 11 and 30% at max level 12.

    Many epic attacks are indeed more effective than special attacks, so you're taking that random chance into effect.

    Epics are what make auto running whole dungeons possible (or at least much more successful), and effective, plus of course powerful runes.
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