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So I'm finally starting to get to grips with pvp and rising to amazing rank of recruit 1. (Yes i am proud of myself) now i keep on bumping into full fast defence teams. I have no idea how to deal with these little blighters and i am becoming irked. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or a nice friendly line group or guild to point me towards?



  • If its Kira, start with Kobal in spot 1, does the trick in Legend. Then retaliate with your hardest hitting fast heroes.
    If you can muster up some defense and damage reduction, throw in some furnace, bauble, and emily to simply outlast those pesky fast heroes.

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • As already posted, you need to now develop some heroes that can withstand the Kira! Go for tactics and planning runes. Load up on DR and Def for the latter two mentioned above (furnace you can just go all attack). Many others can shrug off Kira with just 2-3 DR/Def runes such as Viperia and Valkin. If you have Ferno, he debuffs attack enough that even your offensive heroes will survive early fast attackers.

    If you are looking for a guild, then go to the guild hall forum area and see if one of the groups there sounds like it would work for you. I am sure most of them can offer good PvP advice. If you are able and willing to get at least 180/crowns a week you can join one of the guilds in my guild family. We have active chat groups with one dedicated to PvP and anyone in our guild family can join it. I am in the Potato group so if interested, add the LINE app to your device or PC and send me a message via LINE to Teal125. Good luck to you.
  • KaceyKacey Member
    All fast teams hurt like hell, but can be countered by super defensive teams, like constructs. Try using furnace and bauble in conjunction with kobal in slot 1 to reduce their attack, you can burn them down slowly.
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