So Astrid is a person that is good...

...But like, she doesn't have any synergies or anything. I have been trying to get her up to speed, but I don't know how to use her. Any thoughts?
Gorgons have a new guild! Gormandizing gorgon! Yaya!!!


  • NobodyPiNobodyPi Member
    She totally has synergies. She buffs caster and healer DEF, making her great to use with heroes like Shade, Lily, and Ferno. She can be buffed by Furnace who gives her additional ATK and DEF as well as 15% Damage Reduction. Lastly, she adds Off-Balance with her first attack, which makes Aria dodge 100% of the time, and also helps other dodgers like MK, SB and Bauble
  • farfellafarfella Member
    I see what you mean...
    Gorgons have a new guild! Gormandizing gorgon! Yaya!!!
  • I use Astrid in the tower as the support for my semi-auto run team of healers.

    Yasmin, Augustus, Dagrund and Nub-Nub are my healers, Astrid is the support. I leave out whichever healer is weakest against the opposing elements.

    50% extra defense makes the healers tough to kill, and with each having a 30% chance to trigger an epic heal (or for Nubs, a 50% chance to heal on a crit), it takes something major to knock them out.

    The toughest part is often keeping Astrid alive, as it's hard to get her defense up as high as I'd like. Eventually I'll be adding some Superior Bulwark light and dark runes on her, but it's not a priority.
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