Koros Aura Eater Problem

Hi everyone. I've noticed something interesting when I have been fighting Koros. His passive Aura Hunter gives him x2 damage to magical characters, but it has been acting in a few ways I don't think it should.

Firstly, Phemus. Phemus is armoured, not magical, but for some reason, Koros gets Aura Eater on him.

The second issue I've come across is with Lily. My Lily is non-ascended, and she gets the magical trait at her first ascension. Koros still gets Aura Eater on her. However, Yasmin is working properly. When she was ascended once, Koros got no Aura eater on her. But when ascended again, Koros is now doing the bonus damage.

Just thought I should let someone know. Koros is frustrating enough without him dealing extra damage to people he shouldn't. :smile:



  • Almost forgot, a screenshot as well. Hopefully it works, a bit hard to tell from my phone.
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    He also gets Aura Eater on the Boss of the tower of pwnage, despite him not having it. And I think I recall him attacking some Magical enemies but NOT doing the 2x damage, I think Ponti is one of them.

    Correction: Ponti's Undead form.
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