Exterminate my Bug!!!!!plz

First time poster not sure if I found the right place.

I recently logged in to dungeon boss and enter "my dungeon" and noticed I lost a defense. I watched the replay, but the replay shows me winning, but the comment at the end of the replay leaves the notion I lost. I received a loss on my record. When I check the battle log stats, they do not match the replay I watched. I have a revenge option, but didn't want to further the mix up. This is of extreme concern to my confidence in your game. I do not always check replays so, not only do I worry if this will ever happen again, I'm worried it may have happen before without notice. Please share information with me so that I don't have to play in fear of bugs or having pvp streaks lost to crashes.

PS. Also I lose countless matches from trying to revive Koros with Emily but the game instead thinking Leonidus is the choice, thought it was my fault the first 10times but the click points or something need reprogramed.


  • danacdanac Member
    The first thing is a well documented bug, or someone hacking the game. I forget if they tell you to constact customer service about it, someone needs to tell you

    As for Leo, this is a problem. If yours is the way mine is, leo is lower. The space between their bodies is too small to get to Koros accurately. However, if you click toward the back on Korors's tail, you should ressurect him all the time once you find the sweet spot.
  • Sure is when Leo is at the bottom with Koros above him. I have started to change the line up when i run teams like Mk/Koros/Emily/Leo. Changing the order to Koros/Emily/Mk/Leo will change their positions in battle, but I have no success with teams like Koros/Emily/Furnace/Leo. Have been searching for a sweet spot ill try the tail thank you danac.
  • Here is battle log. For the bug.kohnpz1u5klv.png
  • posted 5days ago, where is the help at?
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Sorry, your bug destroyed the exterminators.
  • nunyanunya Member
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    @lost_jumper1 I have seen that attacker with the same "bug" numerous times. It's been reported directly to @Joel and nothing has apparently been done. :(
  • so its not a bug? Did I post in the right spot?
    thx for the info nunya atleast I kno people r listening
  • it can be be a bug, but how come your MK shows no damage done ?
  • idk a7mad3ezz when I watched the replay mk bout whipped out the whole team n koros finished it. I smashed the team in the replay video but at the end it said I lost
  • I also had experienced the same thing..surely its some kind of bugs..but no corretive action taken..they make the bug fly away
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  • nunyanunya Member
    Since it's the same attacker for the "bug" every time I have seen it, I find the whole thing very curious. ;)
  • nunyanunya Member
    Funny how the same name keeps popping up over and over and over. ffmkmcbnm394.jpg
  • same person got me again.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    This might just be a bug with the battle log, but I'm having it looked into.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • MarkMark Member
    Add one more example. Forleyor vs m6g7s.

    Having trouble posting screen shoots. Battle log shows my team wiped out with no damage done (including 3 fast heros) but the replay shows a total attacker wipe by my first two fast (mk and hopper).
  • thank you joel, 13day response is better than no response. same guy has got me twice.
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