New pvp season....still bugs

New pvp season started less than 1 hour ago...
i activated chest protection just before it started and this is what i see....

Anyone could explain me this?defeat unprotected, defeat protected and again defeat unprotected...
and still more than hour of chest protection is active...




  • danacdanac Member
    The game got confused by the different language.

    Either that or the second unprotected defeat was from an earlier time and arrived on your device out of order.

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    @danac the season(leviathan) just started and i had protection enabled (you can see the same timetiming 23 hours and 7 minutes to collect new chest...and protection available 1 hour and 7 minutes still available )

    so nope...i cannot start a season with protection on(i enabled it right before the begin of the new season)
    and receive 1 defeat with no protection, then 1 defeat with protection , and again 1 defeat wi th no protection-in different timing and in the 2 hours time of protection- @danac
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  • danacdanac Member
    I logged on several hours after new season and watched a bunch of raids appear on the ticker at the bottom.

    These raids all should have happened after new season began, since I'd logged on previously since new season began.

    My chest page tells me I lost two protected and two unprotected defenses.
    My battle log shows approximately 12 wins and 8 losses.
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    So... when i should have lost those fights?I mean :if chest protection was on for the whole time, when and how should have lost those fights...unprotected?

    If i lost them after new season started i should have lost them 'protected'; and if i've lost them before new season started and registered later,they should have been of previous season.
    Either ways something is wrong..
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