Season of the Fang and Guilds

I was interested, so I took a rough count of guild representation at the end of the season. It can't be completely accurate because the bottom 10-15 changes rapidly at the end, the count was taken from screen shots the last 10 minutes of the season, excepting the last 5 taken the last minute.

Level Capped 18
Potato Army 17
Final Boss 10*
Aegis of Athena 9
Underworld 7
Justice League 6

These don't count sister guilds, of which Potatoes added another 10, and Justice League 3.

Two guilds accounted for over a third Boss 100 players, a third equaled almost half. The top 6 guilds held two thirds of all players.
(This was actually more diverse than midway through the season, when the top six held roughly 70 slots)

Good thing? Bad thing?
I remember someone, Captain Barbosa? Used to keep track of weekly guild rankings. I’d be curious about Legendary Conquerors’ guild distribution, but I dunno if anyone has been keeping track.

*Yay! Go FB!


  • This message for all members of my guild. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS?!?
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • These findings are expected. High end players gravitate toward each other. The other 25ish players not in these guilds are either a guild leader or will be applying/joining one of these top 6 guilds soon.
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