Ki, The Spirit Dragon

Background: As time went on and the forces of evil grew, Zen became lonely. From the depths of his soul, he conjured Ki as a companion. After running through dimensions, Ki settled down and taught the ways of light.

He taught the likes of Masuta Kira and even Leonidus, but even that bored him. Soon he became addicted to the battlefield and fought off even the most evil DARK enemies.

MOST DISAPPOINTED IN: Shade. Why couldn't he just be kind and welcoming?
ALLIES: While Ki loves everyone, he has particular trust in Zen, Ferno, and Ekko.

Element: LIGHT : +30% bonus against DARK enemies.

Tags: Legendary / Dragon / Spirit / Healer

FLYING – Takes less damage from Melee attacks –
MYSTICAL - Boosted damage vs Tanks and Slow targets.
MAGICAL - Takes less damage from non-physical attacks.
CLEANSING - Anyone healed by this hero is cleansed of all debuffs.
Runes: Light / Light / Light / Light / Light

Abilities and Ascensions:
SOUL FIRE - Basic Ranged spirit attack OR heals target ally.
LIGHT'S FIRE – Ranged spirit attack to all enemies that does +15% extra FIRE damage. This attack can not miss.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
Light Evo: 36
Light Evo Monarch: 32
Fire Evo: 20
Diamond Evo: 2

New Traits:
SPIRIT IMMUNE - Immune to Spirit attacks.
MYSTICAL ll - Boosted damage vs Tanks and Slow targets.

New Ability:
HEALING SPIRIT - Heals allies and allies gain an immunity to all debuffs for 2 turns. If DISEASED, BURNED, POISONED, or FROZEN are cured, the team gains energy equal to amount of debuffs removed.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
Light Evo: 41
Nature Evo Monarch: 35
Astral Evo: 3
Arcane Evo: 10

New Trait:
SPIRITUAL BOND - All Spirits gain +15% health and 10% Lifesteal.
MYSTICAL lll - Boosted damage vs Tanks and Slow targets.
SHIFTY - Chance to dodge attacks.

New Ability:
BLINDING LIGHT - Ranged spirit attack that has a chance to DAZE enemies and adds WARMTH to allies for 4 turns.

New Buff:
Life IS like a box of chocolates- I don't have one.
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