Great Work Everyone

This event was truly great.
The community made all the hard work put into it worth every minute.
Special thanks to Level Capped for making us work so hard and to all Aegis of Athena members fighting along side.

Hope you guys enjoyed the event.



  • I have the same feelings
    The event was great, but I found the dungeons too difficult for me
  • ...
    I'll disagree.
    The daily scavenger hunts were good, the shift to something different for guild games was good,
    But the singular mind numbing grinding of a single dungeon for as many hours a day as possible every day was NOT good.

    I'm told they didn't want people to be able to autorun these dungeons.
    THAT didn't work.

    So, mixed review.

    And congratulations to the top finishers, AOA, Potatoes, Underworld, Final Boss [yay!], and [rough translation] I Came I Saw I Played Dungeon Boss [for giving Final Boss a run].
    I think I'm forgetting one...

  • I was just happy to be ending a guild games event with masses of stockpiled materials, rather than simply piles of useless Lesser shards (from creating and salvaging several hundred Lesser runes). Definitely a decent event.

    Only suggestions for improvements would be to incorporate PVP in some way so we aren't necessarily ignoring half of the game for four days and/or can do raids to break up the monotony of grinding PVE. It also would have been nice to have the Tickets and Guild Points scale with the type of chest received, i.e. 60/120/180 for Silver/Gold/Purple chests on a manual run and 6/12/18 for quickloots.
  • I disagree with only the chest scaling part @FatCat69 .
    Would add an rng element into the games. No one wants an rng competition.
    Well said otherwise tho :)

  • Great Guild Games AoA! You gave us one hell of a competition, kept us on our toes and are looking forward towards the next epic Guild Games battle with ya.

    ~ Woodtwist ~
  • FatCat69 wrote: »
    I was just happy to be ending a guild games event with masses of stockpiled materials,.....

    Right. People need blue flowers. The need brimstone and pyre and silver. They don't need mushrooms and dark crystals.
    So they dungeons they kept open for two days instead of one had....

    Opening all three dungeons the last day would have been better.

  • I liked the dungeons closing part...but that opens up the whole 30 mins a day argument...

    Some people still believe RL is more important than video games! In 2017! Wth :blush:
  • Or having three dungeons available on the third day for dark, light, and earth jewels/essences.
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