Guild Games Re-Imagined: One Size Fits All ... Yeah, That's What She Said!!

Ok peeps it's been a while since I've created a new thread, but after the latest Guild Games (which I didn't enjoy), I thought I'd throw out a few ideas to hopefully help GG's get pointed in the right direction. The challenge of course is coming up with a format that not only works for the mainstream casual player, but also for the end gamers, and the minority hardcore crazies (like myself). Is it truly possible to have a format that makes everyone happy? Can One Size Fit All? Read on and let me know what you think ... :)

1. Eliminate First Place - Since rewards are now pretty much the same for the top 10 guilds (other than a title), why not take the next logical step and dispense with the notion of a "clear winner" and a GG Championship awarded to the guild who grinds out the most points. Mainstream Guilds have the luxury of having fun by approaching GG's "casually", but for the highest Guilds trying to compete for top spots, the expectations and pressure to grind out points is burdensome to say the least. *Click click click* ... I can already hear the naysayers typing, "Hey CK, it's your own **** fault if you choose to grind yourself into oblivion ... if you don't like it, go join a lower tier guild and be casual, or simply quit. GG are perfect as they are so STFU, you're your own problem". Well I'd say ... If a game is designed properly, it shouldn't only inspire longtime players to want to continue to play, but promote "positive/upward" movement in all aspects (including Rewards and Guild Membership), NOT "negative/downward" movement. If end game players are looking to drop from the most successful guilds or quit, I certainly hope we can all find some common ground and agree that there's a problem that needs to be addressed.

2. Stop the Grindfest - To eliminate the misery/boredom of grinding Repeatable Quests that’s killing so many players in top Guilds, I propose finite "Reward Plateaus". Your Guild hits a certain predetermined number of points, and Presto!, everyone in the Guild earns those rewards. The higher the plateau your Guild reaches, the better the rewards. If your guild hits the Level 1 plateau, there's no reason to grind any further and the consumption of Monster Energy Drinks and madness can stop. This idea is different that capping Repeatable Quests, but I believe it can provide the same relief just in a different way. If your Guild is shooting for Level 3 Rewards, all 50 Guild members would have a target number of points required to achieve that level … everyone hits their mark, and the grinding simply stops. Go spend some time with your family or significant other, grill a burger, go to the movies, enjoy your weekend!! Perhaps fictitiously the levels could look something like the following:

Reward Level 1 = 5 million points
Reward Level 2 = 4 million points
Reward Level 3 = 3 million points
Reward Level 4 = 2 million points
Reward Level 5 = 1 million points

This system could also play a positive role in Guild Recruitment as GM’s could use the Plateau System as a filter to evaluate perspective members. i.e. If your Guild bills itself as a Guild whose goal is to collect Level 1 Rewards from GG's, then all members are told (and expected) to collect a min. of 100,000 points each. This would be the same as telling people "we're a +210 Crown Guild" ... instead you'd say "we're a +210/100,000 Guild". If you can't commit to make those requirements, then this may not be the right Guild for you. This way everyone knows what they're signing up for, the expectations are the same for everyone, and if you don't meet those min requirements, it's grounds for being replaced (just like missing Crowns). I also think this could go a long way towards relieving the current animosity that can occur when some players put in a lot more time and effort than others during GG’s.

3. Great Rewards - When people put in a lot of time and effort (and yes, even money), they expect appropriate rewards for their efforts. We need to step it up peeps and make those rewards Awesomeballs! Not MEH. I propose the return of a new GG Hero where the tokens are ONLY available during GG. Doing so makes GG special again and gives people unique rewards; it also helps drive people to want to step up their game and join a higher tier Guild to earn those better rewards. “But CK, I want my **** Ferno tokens!! Just cuz you’re a psycho and already have a 6 star Ferno that doesn’t mean the rest of us do!!”. Easy Peasy … Let’s have … wait for it … BOTH!!!! Now that’s some out of the box thinking eh? and totally Awesomeballs too! Throw in a CHOICE of some unique/desirable Runes (that we can't craft ourselves), or maybe a free Rune Crafting Ticket (where you could craft any Rune you want with a guaranteed random 4th stat), some gems, a shop, and the usual eye candy and now we're cooking with gas!!

4. Major Holidays - Avoid running GG's that conflict with major holidays where large portions of the player base reside .... PLEASE!!! 'Nuff said.

5. Frequency - Find a frequency that works for the Community at large and listen to the player base feedback. I don't know a single person who's saying "I want MORE GG, let's have them monthly" ... in its current format it's just not sustainable and I believe will ultimately drive players away.


  • Couldn't agree more.

  • I like and agree with your entire post @CryptKeeper. This past guildgames was a grindfest to anyone competing for the top 5 spots. It has to change or all the end game players will leave in droves. I am so tired of having friends miserable and quitting after every guild games.

    Your solutions sound fresh and new, and like they will help alleviate the misery. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share them with us. :)
  • Another excellent idea. Thank you for putting in the time to think this out. I truely hope the devs listen to the ideas people like you and Stapedius have. This is what the players want. Make it happen devs!
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  • Wow @CryptKeeper, you couldn't have said it any better. I totally agree 100%! Thank you for your time in writing this. Now, Devs, are you listening?!?! @Eej @Joel
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  • Agreed, especially the holiday part. No reason they can't do it BEFORE OR AFTER THE HOLIDAYS! Think about it devs.
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    I love the idea... kudos on the way you shut down the haters by playing devils advocate... awesome post.
  • I'll add another idea, while guild games should clearly focus on the guild, having some more in the way of individual contribution awards (other than the title for top contributor for a top 50 guild) would be nice. Here's why...

    My guild did OK, we were top 50 but it was pretty clear we weren't going to be top 10 so it seemed come last day people didn't try quite as hard (we actually dropped about 5-10 places) and here's the thing. I played hard probably spent more time than I should have. I found the first repeatable dungeon annoying, I could clear it easily but not on auto (the randomness of the wolves made it not work for me) I had to pay attention and I needed to use heroes that could soak the damage which meant they did less damage and the dungeon took a decent amount of time per run. Several in my guild got pretty far ahead of me here, maybe they could auto it or maybe they just had more time to spend on it. For the next 2 dungeons I could auto them (I could auto both but it was faster to actually control the boss levels) and I moved up but could never close the gap to the first place. I finished in 3rd for my guild but pretty far behind #1. That's OK but toward the end of the last day I watched as we had dropped several places and knew no matter how much I did I wasn't going to fix it (and in fact had done way more than my share for the guild), it needed to be the people who hadn't finished quest lines doing them to get us back to where we were and the tickets I would earn and the drops from the dungeons frankly weren't worth the time I was putting in nor were the points I was earning for the guild.

    People can feel free to disagree with the worth of the drops and tickets but for me tickets are materials and when I buy them, most are maxed out or close to maxed out except for 2 types of crystal and brimstone, silver, and the ever popular pyre embers so much of what I get goes to waste or just isn't important. I got so much grave iron from that last dungeon that even using a chunk of the pyre embers I had acquired to turn them into shadow etched bars I'm still sitting at 999 grave iron and wasted a whole lot that dropped for me.

    So what I'm saying is it would be nice to give those who spend the time and contribute extra to the guild something to tell them it was worth it on a personal level (and not just the title for the one who scored the highest).
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
  • I've read a lot of player solutions and ideas about the reformatting needed with Guild Games, and I like this one by far the most!
  • Horrible idea I loved getting carried to top 3 rewards.
  • Nice thread CK and I totally agree with you. For me personally, that last GG was miserable and it would be too soon if I never saw another GG like that ever again. That grind was real and the rewards don't justify the effort we put in.
  • Good Ideas Crypt!

  • Couldn't have said it better myself. And I tried. +1
  • Great thread,

    collectives reward from GG ranking are nothing really special imo especially with the grind it require to get them. Skins are cool but doesnt change much to the game, rune... dissapointing especially after EEJ told that it would be a much better rune than previous GG and that we cannot actually craft... Still waiting to see that rune. We actually get much better reward from the crown tournament and it doesnt require that much time to get it.

    If GGs would rewards VIP pull, Heroic pull, gems and a customizable rune (a very unique rune), i'm pretty sure players would flip for these kind of rewards, we need unique reward to make theses GGs an event players really dont wanna miss. But as it is right now, rewards are just like any other event and its being very repetitive actually.

    Thanks for your effort.
  • I agree with some of the ideas but the overall concept sounds too much like the upcoming Guild Boss Battles (GBB). GBB will require guild participation to complete a series of quests which will get guilds into different tiers that grant different rewards.

    The requirements for a new Guild Games format need to conform to current achievements and reward thresholds. Granting 5 levels of rewards would only mean that the rewards would be substantially reduced across the board.

    I support the idea of limiting daily guild points earned by implementing caps.

    Event Dungeon - Can be run unlimited for tickets but only the first 50 runs / quickloots rewards points.
    -60 points for manual run
    -20 points for quickloot
    -100 points for manual run with 1 color team
    -150 points for manual run with 3 heroes
    -200 points for manual run with 2 heroes
    -250 points for manual run with 1 hero.

    Repeatable PvP Quests - 4 wins rewards guild points. Max 6 completions

    Daily Scavenger Hunt - 12,000

    Daily Repeatable quests limited - 6,000

    Without a limited amount of Dungeons that can be run with different reward thresholds for risk vs. reward, the possibility of any guilds tying are few and far between. This would also highly limit the possibility of multiple MVP's.

    The system could be further tuned to allow thresholds that grant additional dungeon runs / pvp raids. Upon a guild completing 80% scavenger hunt completions a bonus PvP Turn in could be awarded or additional dungeon runs.
  • OmarOmar Member
    Great content and ideas as always CK.
  • As someone who isn't a top tier (or even level 70) player who doesn't have a lot of money to throw at the game, I agree that the prospect of more frequent GGs is thoroughly unappealing. We have to husband our resources for days or weeks ahead of time to make sure we'll be able to contribute. Don't waste energy, don't scrap runes, don't spend gems... it's hard enough balancing things while trying to level slowly; I don't need more roadblocks.

    And speaking of slow levelers, please make at least the event dungeons a little less painful for us. At level 70 you can sacrifice time and money to grind out GG points. Please don't make me sacrifice my player advancement too. I definitely would have done more grinding if the dungeons had been 0 XP. It's become obvious that the dev team is trying to make it more difficult to level slowly, but as I approach the 63-67 "death zone," I think I have very good reason to slow my roll.
  • Thanks for all the support everyone!! Cheers
  • I agree that Guildgames in the current format is neither sustainable or fun. I happened to miss the last GG and felt relieved that I would not have to participate.
    Excellent ideas as always Crypt.
  • Nice ideas CK! Interestingly, a game I used to play, called Battle Nations, had a very similar setup. One thing they did that might also be nice to add to your thoughts was to give rewards, real time, along the way as you reached the plateaus. This kept it fun and gave some instant gratification as you reached the targets. For example, if you applied this to DB, at 1 million points you would instantly receive whatever the reward was for that plateau. This would also be similar to how they do tier rewards in PvP.
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    Excellent post CK :)

    I agree totally. I spent all weekend grinding and stressing, including all day Monday while at work in a sales workshop (under the table), still came 40th in my guild (I'm in an awesome guild!).. all for a couple of new skins - one of which just looks like it's had the brightness cranked up too high, the other a hero I haven't used since 1987... and a second rate rune. GG is not fun. The possibilities are there, let's make it enjoyable :)
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  • Great ideas for improved Guild Games @CryptKeeper

    I had a rare free weekend during these games so I was able to mindlessly click the necessary 3 buttons to run those dungeons over and over again. But I did not enjoy it nor do I think I would have the ability or want to do it again. I did enjoy the scavenger hunt aspect of the games.

    It's great to have players who care enough about this game to come up with these improvements and I hope the developers take these ideas into consideration -- although I think they have been making good improvements in the game recently.
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  • Well put and said cryptkeeper,hence why I hung up my gloves a good while back,anyway have a good one ☝️ everyone✌
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    bozzking wrote: »
    Well put and said cryptkeeper,hence why I hung up my gloves a good while back,anyway have a good one ☝️ everyone✌

    Yo Bozz, when you coming back? I miss you <3
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  • FrogatismFrogatism Member
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    I'm down for any GG that doesn't involve me spending 10-15 hours a day on dungeon boss. But I don't wanna see it becoming similar to weekely crowns. Where even the lower tier guilds can scrape away 10500 crowns. But I don't think it'll go that direction for the Guild Games. I hope whatever the devs have planned makes it a happy medium, where it's not gonna be extremely time consuming and mentally draining but it won't exactly be a walk in the park either. At least.. not for ranks 1-10. Ps. We miss you over at LC @CryptKeeper xD
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