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Hello! So a month or two ago, I deleted the Dungeon Boss app from my phone because I needed extra space for some other things. Yesterday I re-downloaded the game, and I couldn't remember my password for my old account, and when I tried to send a new password nothing happened. I tried like 30 times and I enabled both of the stated addresses (so that they weren't sent to spam). After about an hour of trying to get it to work, the game just randomly started the tutorial, so now whenever I open the app, it says I'm level 1 with none of my heroes from before. Any advice on how to get back my old account? Thank you


  • If you don't want to start over, clear the app's cache to get rid of the lvl 1 account and try to login again. Sounds like you'll have to contact customer service tho.
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    Hi @Funbois . Welcome back to Dungeon Boss! You'll want to contact Customer Support if you need assistance logging into your account.
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