Need help forming pvp team/Campaign team

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I'm kind of in a rut here because I stopped playing for nearly a year and and now getting back into the game, If I could just get some guidance on who to level and star up that would be great. Also ruins were just introduced when I stopped playing so if someone could explain the best way to get them (higher level ones) that would be appreciated :smile:

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  • You got a good roster - play through the challenge mode campaign a few time and do daily/weekly guild stuff for rewards.
    Your best way to get good runes is to commit most of your time to getting good at PvP - otherwise until you have ample gem supply, rune crafting will probably be a tad expensive.

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    watch the top 100 boss players in pvp for ideas

    from what you currently have, rocky, mk, ponti, shadowblade, zen up to par

    get lilly, shade, hopper, ferno (if you have vip 5), ember

    the tower should be easier, so start completing that everyday.
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