2.43GB to 0.89GB - uninstall and reinstall

I've hesitated to uninstall Dungeon Boss because of the fear that it would lose my account. I took a screenshot of my account screen and bit the bullet, ready to contact my Guild Master if it all went pear-shaped.

Actually it was very simple and quick, I reconnected via Facebook, and this has saved me about 1.5 GB memory on my tablet.

For that reason alone it was worth doing, and I'm now watching to see if the game plays more smoothly or there are other discernable improvements.


  • Looks like I'm up to 4.8 GB on mine again. I think my high point previously was 13GB of storage.
  • My android tablet only has 12GB of storage, so I don't have that luxury.

    I haven't noticed any actual improvement in performance, for example, Dagrund still does an oddly long gloat, I mean pause, before unleashing his epic.

    Of course what prompted the uninstall was wanting to make room for some other games, because DB no longer occupies all my gaming time/interest.
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