The Silent Knight - Bob (Warning - awesome art inside)

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I know the art doesn't fit the theme of dungeon boss and I will try to adjust to it later when I make a new hero concept.

________ Unascended ________
Adds three random buffs to target then purges all buffs, all purged buffs go to all allies (does not stack). Melee physical attack base damage 803.

________1st ascension________
You will be remembered...
When a caster dies on this hero's team, copy attack stat of caster (includes runes) and add a wand ability to this hero. Lasts 4 turns and cannot taunt when active.

Greedy taunt
Steals 2 buffs from each enemy (amount cannot exceed 8 buffs from this ability, buffs stack if necessary) and this hero taunts. If killed within 2 turns of taunting then give 1 random buff to each ally.

________2nd ascension________
Sharing is caring...
If the amount of buffs on this hero exceed 5 then create a Caster apprentice on this team and those buffs are purged (You can now have 5 heroes on a team). Caster helper will have half the stats of another caster on this team. If there is no caster on this team then this ability is useless. Caster only has wand ability, comes in either dark or light element and has fast speed.

Caster Guardian
Upon death revive a caster with 23% health and all abilities at max cool-down.

Some may say that Im just showing off my work but this knight was drawn quite a while back and I decided to put it to some good use.
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    Cool, but you will be remembered and obliterate are... different. He seems like a wild hero! Not sure if different is good or bad in this case. I like caster guardian though!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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