When is defense better than DR?

So based on my experience, two DR runes are better in pvp than two defense runes. But what if I add a wildcard like phemus (+25% defense to monsters) to buff Hopper?

Or Astrid +50% to buff Lily? Should I throw in more defense if Lily is usually paired with Astrid?


  • Dr can get you cool dudes like invincible bauble, Emily, or even torchy if you are a try hard. However, in terms of raw defense, well... defense is better. In other words, if you can't make a hero invincible but still want to add defense, forget dr, and go with defense. Keep in mind, dr will get nerfed with the combat revamp.
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  • Yeah, I've been wondering about the same thing. I have Aegis/Planning runes on my Lily, but I almost always use her with Astrid, so would Blue Bulwark be better? Also, does Growth do a percent of max health, making Life runes more useful?
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    Yes lily growth is a % increase of health.
    Some people run a single life rune to help with that.
    The way I see it better long term but worse turn 1.
    Can thank foozle for this chart on Lily growth.

  • bye2 DR..new combat revamp no more 0% damage...dangggg
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  • DR is better for heroes with armor, since it is currently adding the DR percentages instead of multiplying them (combat revamp will change this though). Defense is better for heroes that aren't armored, or have reached the DR cap of 50%. PVP DR can go over this number though.
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