The History of VAS Guilds: Part 3 - Kezii

My introduction to DB must have come some time shortly after the global release in September 2015. My husband (Nate) & a friend of his had both picked up the game I can remember waking up in the middle of the night to the glow of my Nate's phone screen as he burned through stamina at low levels; sleeping for a few hours, waking long enough to spend stamina & then sleeping again. He kept telling me "you HAVE to try this game" I was reluctant but agreed to try it *if* he would get me through the first few tedious levels. By mid-October I had my account set up and was gleefully squishing pumpkins in the first Halloween event.

A few months later came the introduction of guilds and Nate was so excited that he purchased a guild on the first day they were released. He called it simply "The Guild", Nate was GM and he made me and his friend officers. Fast forward a month and we're running about 7k a week for crowns. Nate was discouraged with the game itself and gradually tapered off his playing until he just passed me GM and stopped playing completely. His friend left The Guild around the same time to pursue an end game guild experience so I was left to run it all. I set a plan to improve our weekly standings by gradually increasing my minimum expectations for crowns and then I started a Line account and advertised in game for members. I eventually brought The Guild from 7k to 9k weekly.

One day I got a new line message from some guy called CaptainBarbosa who had a proposition. "Merge your guild with ours" he said "we have two guilds that are doing ok but not making first place. We can add yours to make a 1st place guild, an 8-9k guild, and a 5k guild." I was intrigued but I had concerns. I wanted to make sure that all my members would be included in their merger & that it would be a fair distribution of members based on their weekly crowns. On June 26th 2016 I got the spreadsheet from Cap that started to outline where everyone would be going in the merger. By the second week of July we'd worked out the details and I set my guild MOTD: "We're merging to become a first place guild! Please accept new guild invitations Sunday night". By Monday morning all my members had been invited to VVV1/2/3.

Following the merger I spent several weeks in VVV2 and then moved to VVV. Early on we had 3 active GMs, CaptainBarbosa, Woodtwist & myself. Eventually Wood made the move to LC and it was Cap & me running the show. Later down the road came the merger with Anonymous, Strategy Gods and Synergetic which saw the dissolution of VVV2/3 in favor of keeping the guild names that came with the merger and the addition of several new GMs: RobSnow, SirJuice & Nana1000. Through all of the mergers and roster changes I was a GM for VVV/VAS for nearly a year, eventually taking on the role of lead GM when Rob moved to LC. I absolutely loved leading a big guild family and could not have done it without the support of the other GMs and officers - they're working their butts off behind the scenes every single day to make sure that the guilds run smoothly and they deserve a lot of recognition for their dedication. Managing four 10.5k and a 9k guild is a huge task and they manage to make it look seamless.

More recently I've followed in the footsteps many other VVV members and made the move to LC. Early on the relationship between VVV/VAS was a quiet arrangement where we occasionally traded members looking for more challenges (VVV>LC) or fewer requirements (LC>VVV). More recently the retirement of LC's founders has brought new management there, and under JaxBoomstick and Woodtwist (both former VVV members) the relationship between VAS & LC has continued to grow. When I was offered a chance to join the leadership team at LC it was the opportunity I didn't know I was looking for & I took the chance. I'm so glad I did! LC is a new challenge for me as a player and I love being able to work with both LC and VAS players daily.

As I look through the rosters for LC, VVV, Anon & SG I still see several names that came from The Guild, even more that have been here since the early days of VVV, and lots more names that have come from other guilds and found a home with VAS. I'm so proud to be part of such a wonderful guild family! ❤️
Level Capped Officer


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