The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good:
Nice dungeons, hard but not impossible [the first two], plenty of new and interesting rewards, including Birdie. The courage system not too onerous and fairly well developed.

The Bad:
Telling us there's a huge buff for fliers without telling us what that is, unless you count a semiobscure hidden mention of defense.
1200 things dead by fliers in one day? When there's only on flier besides birdie with any attack?


Evil Giant Shade

The ugly:
The graphic on the left of the enter page showing guild progress toward various goals.
First, it says we get 4,000 tickets for x points, but doesn't say those tickets come at the end of the event.
Second, it took a long time to find this out because those chest are sod___ small it's impossible to click on them.

The information about various aspects of this event is severely lacking, despite the fact you have information screen on your banners.



  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    We appreciate the feedback! For what it's worth, when you bring flyers into a dungeon with Solaris, they 'massive buff' will appear as a passive that you can view in battle to see the full description. Still, you are right that we should find a way to make this clearer. I'm glad that you're enjoying the main parts of the event (the dungeons, rewards, and courage system)!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Yeah, I would have to agree I spent a LOT of time on my guild Line chat explaining how the tickets work. Both game chat and Line chat were WTF? Why so few? not understanding the award at the end.
  • The REALLY ugly.

    Repeat dumb flier quest for the next two days.

    I will admit when I went back and looked over entire banner all the info was there in piecemeal, except the fact the tickets won't be rewarded until the end.

    Those tiny chests still annoy me.

    And the mail notifications. But I did see your reasoning about that.

  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    danac wrote: »
    When there's only on flier besides birdie with any attack?

    Hm? Both Torchy and Ferno have very high attack. So that makes at least 2 besides birdie. Also if you run the normal mode campaign dungeons (I find 16-9 and 20-4 work well), even Bauble and Zen can just 1-hit the low leveled enemies. Given you have at least 1 power or battle rune on them... like I do... cuz I'm weird... I'll leave.
  • I kept 1 power rune on my bauble @JackHallow666 so I guess we are both weird
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • danac wrote: »
    When there's only on flier besides birdie with any attack?

    Hm? Both Torchy and Ferno have very high attack. So that makes at least 2 besides birdie. Also if you run the normal mode campaign dungeons (I find 16-9 and 20-4 work well), even Bauble and Zen can just 1-hit the low leveled enemies. Given you have at least 1 power or battle rune on them... like I do... cuz I'm weird... I'll leave.

    Ferno might have high attack, but with mine 4*, I had to dr him out and around the wazoo to make him PVP viable.

    Since I'm still doing PVP I left him like that. But I take your point, I was thinking of rune builds and not innate character attributes.
  • I want ferno badly, i never seem to get lucky during the open vip events....
  • Pretty good points, i liked the event in guild games stander i think it was the best that we get so far. Jost some thing needed more carificatio like buffs and tickets. And the fact that the 1200 kil reset daily. Also 1200 kill for me seems like ok for a very new hero tokens especially if she is legendary, but yes we only have 5 flyers 4 without solaris, one of them vip so a lot of people dont have him or only unlocked him in the beinnin of the event with the vipo portal opening, and 2-3 of them are healers. Relally not a good composition for killing stuff with. Other than that i loved the event. Nive job!
  • I thought this event was okay although I prefer guild games, this event was just a lot of grinding but fun for dem lvl 70s. Definetly looking forward towards the halloween event!
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • GOOD: challenging dungeons. Not quite the one from GG1 in the pre-rune days which I failed to beat, but still made us think and was fun (for the first few times).

    BAD: Shade's link is annoying on auto when I kill my own team. I suppose this is a way to stop bots but it made spend time to check. Wish there was a 'Continue even if my team dies' auto option.

    UGLY: killing 1200 with flying daily for 3 days. I get that you have to work for legendary tokens but variety and less grundy would have been nice. The 3rd dungeon ran slow due to aplenty animation. Wish there was a 5x speed button as running it 100 times took (or felt) much longer than the '6 minute' duration, even with properly runed flying team.

    Bloody hell, I just realised that I spent some 10 hours running those dungeons!
  • I'd like to add my voice to the foray....

    I will second (third or fourth or fifth?!) the grindy nature of the flyers questline. Easy, but oh so boring. To go along with that though, I didn't like the lack of warning about the first day of that questline ending. Since it was on a Friday, I bet there were a lot of people working that day. I was. I got home to find I had mail saying to be sure to finish today's quest by 3, and it was already over. I was pretty miffed about the 30-something tokens I missed out on (did manage to do it once in the morning before work).

    Solaris DID make these dungeons doable for me (though the last one was barely, but that's as it should be), but I feel this would have been paired better WITH your VIP event instead of having it before. Better chance for Ferno for those of us that don't have him. I also didn't really like the high point values for the 'earn points for your guild' questline to get more Solaris tokens. Much too high for the amount of points and difficulty of the dungeons. I just barely made it past 2/4 and didn't bother with more once I saw the next jump!

    Also I'm wondering about this 'tiered' business. I do not have multiple accounts, but some people in my guilds do. Word on the street was that the event was easier for people levelled in the 50s as opposed to those in the 70s. That seems just wrong....

    I found this event stimulated high use of friend heroes which was nice! But speaking of friends, I feel the courage notifications could have been 'lumped' together the way the friends ones are (ie these 6 people got courage for your guild!)

    Concept for this event was okay, but not my favourite by a long shot. Still seemed unnaturally favoured towards the top 10/money spenders. I understand DB has to make money, but it might be refreshing to see an event with NO purchases :p
  • Good: Interesting and challenging dungeons, encourages people to develop their rosters. I loved the Guild cooperation in figuring out possible team compositions for those who don't have an all flyer team ready to go. Encouraged people to use and set Champions tailored to the event. Great new character launch event.

    Bad: Repeatable quest being the same each day, I don't think it was terrible the first time, but it did feel like a chore towards the end. The tickets earned during the event seemed like a pittance, didn't see why we are even earning them, I got around 55000 Guild points but only 600 tickets, so i got a Material pack and some gold.

    Ugly: So. Many. Mails. oh and people being salty because they have very immature rosters and expecting the game to be easy for them.

    Suggestions: 1. Combine Mails like friend's use mails.
    2. Different (not necessarily easier) repeatable quests (I was expecting a burn enemies or resurrect things one)
    3. Change the event ticket rewards for running or expand the purchasable rewards in the event shop, no real reason to earn tickets with the current supply/shop options.

  • Well the repeatable was too grindy but I enjoyed the challenge of the event dungeons and that I couldn't just plow right through it with my normal PvE teams.
  • A lot of people agree that Solaris made the tougher dungeons easier. Well, only if you happen to have stockpiled the needed evos to ascend her!!! Many of us wound up with a 3 star, unascended, moderately runed Solaris who DIED in the first room of the dungeons!!! So not EVERYONE feels she made all that much difference in the end. Nice to have her, but don't make it so we have to max a new hero the second we get them. 99% of us CAN'T!
  • I think the biggest issue with this event was how it's changed guilds. My guild, one that hovers around level 100 for most things, did really badly. I think a lot of members couldn't even manage the first dungeon. So we never even got to see the third dungeon. Some of us - myself included - are certainly capable of being in a top 20 guild, and since the event about 10 good members have left. Meaning our guild, which wasn't very good anyway, is now even worse.

    So it's polarised guilds - the top guilds will have good players asking to joining, and the mediocre guilds will become sub-standard. If you're in a good guild and can't play for a week expect to get dumped. It's going to be much more dog-eat-dog now.

    I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps finding a guild at the right 'level' makes sense. Although, personally, I would prefer an event that allowed stronger guild players assist weaker members, rather than one where weaker/less playing guild members get vilified. But whatever your view it has changed the nature of guilds. They are far more important now. Why be loyal when there are no rewards?

    Given my old guild - one I've been with for 2 years - has been decimated I'll have to start looking for a better guild. Although the process for doing that "in game" is **** tricky. I keep getting invitations from guilds with 50 members...
  • Numbers4296Numbers4296 Member
    edited September 2017
    @gradders Thats a fair reading, although, capable players have always been.. shall we say.. upwardly mobile. The focus on participation has simply highlighted that fact, since good guilds will now look at not only crowns, but how a player contributes in guild games etc so even in a lower placed guild its in your interests to max points even if its only for your future resumee. Most top flight guild families have lesser known (but well run, although more forgiving) development guilds., ours included. Should you feel so inclined, we would be happy to talk to you, links are found at or email Numbers4296 in game or contact me via Line app.. same ID.
  • I think the idea of guild members 'helping' fellow guild members in an event like this would be a really worthwhile idea to consider implementing!
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